My baby boy is a little man!

Ryan has had his hair trimmed a couple times by my mom and has only had one REAL haircut before (by a professional). Well, that was a long time ago… like, when I was still pregnant with Rebecca. Needless to say, his hair had gotten long. REALLY long. Kinda embarrassingly long. So let’s check it out…

This is his last real haircut:

So this was shorter than what we were used to, but still had some length to it. Then it grew out. A lot:

And this was the baby boy I was used to! I love the long hair, but it was getting too long–it definitely needed a trim. I envisioned shorter bangs, trimmed around the ears and shortened in the back so it wasn’t as shaggy looking. My hair lady (whom I love) cut a bit more than I expected…

…but I love it!!! Does it make his beautiful blue eyes pop or what?! It took me awhile to get used to it–I just kept staring at him. Actually, I still keep staring and this happened days ago. I can’t stop rubbing his head either, haha.

The night of “the haircut,” I was laying in bed with him. I was scratching his head and watching him drift off to sleep. I got a little teary!! Where is my BABY BOY?! No, seriously, where’d he go? Because now he doesn’t even look like my baby boy. He looks like a new person. Like a big boy. Like a little man. And this mama is having a bit of a hard time with that! My eyes are watering right now! ::sob sob::

And here it is all gelled and spiky (which is not something we’ll probably ever do to it). It’s a weird feeling… I do love it… he’s adorable and it’s great for summertime… but I miss my little boy. I’M NOT READY FOR THIS! Why didn’t someone warn me that babies don’t stay babies forever? Like puppies. They should stay puppies forever.

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