Summer fun: we’ve been busy!

Oh my, I cannot believe it’s July. WHERE did this summer go?! I made a huge list of things I wanted to do with the kids this summer and I’ve barely done any of them… maybe hiking the state park an hour away and riding the riverboat were a bit too ambitious lol. But there’s still time! And anyway, we’ve been keeping really busy and have had so much fun. My posts about this stuff have been too few and far between so I’m attempting to catch up right now with a massive photo overload of our summer fun!

We got year-long passes for the family to the Children’s Museum in Rockford. Ryan loves it there. They have a whole outdoor play area too and classes and events once in awhile.

We went over to Huntley, IL to play at a super awesome kids park. The thing about living in this tiny little town where there’s nothing to do is that I have to (get to? lol) drive all over for fun stuff. But it sure has gotten me out of the area of IL I’m used to and we’ve been to a lot of new places!

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lakehouse. It was also my brother-in-law’s 30th birthday and we had quite the celebration!

Whooo, Rochelle had something to do!!! The Rochelle Railroad Days… Ryan loves trains so we decided to go check it out. It was a cloudy (but warm) Sunday and there weren’t very many people there. We got to ride around on a mini “choo-choo” and I say “we” because Ryan was too afraid to ride alone lol. But once we went around the first time, he was like “again! again!” He played in a train car… and Rebecca fell asleep on daddy 🙂

We’ve spent a lot of time just in our own backyard with the little pool, playhouse, water table, bikes and “cars,” etc. We live on a dead end street and if you walk all the way to the end (where there are no houses, it’s just cornfield), there’s a sign that says “Road Ends.” So Ryan loves going for walks down to “Road Ends! Let’s go to Road Ends!”

My parents have a nice little above-ground pool and a hot tub (that’s not on in the summer!) so we spend some time there, too. Ryan loves to kick around the big pool in his floaty and he likes to walk around in the hot tub–because he’s tall enough now!! AH!

We took a mini-vacation to TimberRidge Waterpark Resort in Lake Geneva, WI, for two nights… Ryan had a blast! And this mama hung out in the pee baby pool with the kids lol. We did a lot of swimming, some playing at the park, attempting to watch a kid’s movie in the hotel game room (Ryan wasn’t too interested lol), and Ryan colored his own TimberRidge t-shirt with grandma.

Anddd, we went to a Riverhawks baseball game! I was a little worried about it because Ryan’s and Rebecca’s bedtime is about 8pm and the game didn’t even start until 7. But Ryan had SO much fun–especially meeting the “River Guy,” lol. Rebecca fell asleep in the stroller and we actually made it to like the 8th inning before heading home!

And finally (so far!), the 4th of July.

Ahh, so what else is coming?? I really DO want to visit a state park or hiking area (but not when it’s 100 degrees like it has been lately!), visit the farmer’s market, take a boat ride, go to a fair, and of course there’s my trip to BlogHer in August–little miss Rebecca will be coming with!

And there’s all the days we spend at home… playing, reading books, getting crafty… and our season passes to the waterpark… we are definitely keeping BUSY! 🙂

How are you spending your summer? Hope you’re having FUN!

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