GreenChoice carpet cleaners

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After several years of abuse from one cat, two dogs, and five grandchildren, I considered replacing my carpets. Living on a fixed income, however, made this difficult, so instead I searched for a rug cleaner that was fast, professional and affordable.

My son found GreenChoice Carpet Cleaners and I was thrilled with the company from the beginning. Their staff was very friendly and easy to work with, and they were able to come to my home exactly when I needed them so that my carpets would be cleaned in time for a family party. My favorite thing about GreenChoice is that they use organic rug cleaner products. I worry about harsh chemicals around my pets and grandchildren, but I have been assured that every product they use is safe and all-natural.

Every stain was removed, and my carpets look brand new. They also used machines that helped dry the carpets quickly, so we were able to walk on them only a few hours after they were cleaned. I plan to continue to use GreenChoice Carpet Cleaners every time I need my rugs cleaned. I have even recommended them to my friends and neighbors. Their friendly service and reasonable prices have saved me so much time and money. I can allow my pets and grandchildren to play in the house and still have beautiful, clean carpets whenever I want!

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