Growth Spurts: not a reason to stop breastfeeding

I love Leading Lady and their super comfy nursing bras and tanks–I now own quite a few and wear them often! When they asked me if I’d like to be featured on their “Amy’s Corner” blog (written by Amy Berry, their IBCLC), I jumped at the chance. I love talking breastfeeding–support for new moms is tragically lacking.

This is a topic that has been tugging at me for awhile now and I’ve just needed to find the time to write about it. So PLEASE check out my post over at Leading Lady’s “Amy’s Corner.” I’ll <3 you forever!

Growth Spurts: Not a reason to stop breastfeeding

All too often, I hear mamas upset by the fact that they can’t keep their baby full. They think maybe they aren’t producing enough milk, they have no idea how much milk their baby is getting because you can’t measure breastmilk (unless you’re pumping), and they aren’t sure how to keep their babies full….

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