Body After Baby: J is for Jeep Wrangler Sport Jogging Stroller {giveaway}

I gained about 40 pounds with Rebecca and about half of that came off right away or in the first month after she was born. But after that? I was stuck. I was at about 127 for months. I stepped on the scale every day and it never moved. GAH! That’s probably why I updated on my “Body After Baby” at one month postpartum and then… never again, hahaha.

But now… I have news. Exciting news. I’m down to 122! Okay, I still have 15 pounds to go till I’m where I was before getting pregnant (107), but… I’d be okay with losing just 10 more pounds. What’s exciting is that my weight didn’t drop an ounce for months and then in just a few weeks, it dropped by 5 pounds! WHOOO! Oh, my pre-pregnancy jeans also fit. And not just past my thighs… they zip and button, people. This is progress.

One thing I’d like to thank is my jogging stroller. It’s the new J is for Jeep Wrangler Sport Jogger. We’ve tried a few different strollers, but this is our first jogging stroller. And? It is my husband’s favorite. Believe me, that says a lot right there. For him to even say he has a favorite?? Haha.

I love this stroller. There are so many awesome features that set it apart from the rest… I’m going to attempt to show you in pictures first because that’s always better:

THE BASKET: first of all, it’s pretty big and easily stores all my stuff. But what I love most about it is that you can reach it from the FRONT of the stroller! My son can get in there easily and when he’s sitting in the stroller, he can put his feet on the footrest or let them hang in the basket area.

THE HANDLE: it adjusts up and down to  be the perfect height for the person pushing it… I’m short, so this is wonderful for me! I’ll show you in a minute why I REALLY like this though 😉 There’s also 2 cup holders and a speaker for your music!

THE WHEEL: the front wheel locks in place for easy and safe jogging. You can also unlock it for normal, turning stroller function.

THE SEAT: the seat easily reclines and it does go down pretty far for a sleepy kid. My 5 month old also sits well in here with the stroller in the farthest reclined position. I like that there aren’t set points you move the seat too–it’s just an adjustable strap so you can put the seat wherever you’d like.

THE WINDOW: well, clearly because I can see my adorable children! Ryan loves it, too, haha.

THE POCKET: I got ridiculously excited to see TWO pockets on the inside of the seat area. How fun for Ryan! He loves to store his things–toys, snacks, sippy cups… I also find socks, wrappers, rocks… haha.

CAR SEATS: I was sooo excited that this stroller is compatible with a number of infant car seats (Baby Trend, Britax, Chicco, Cosco, Graco, Peg Perego, and Safety 1st). AND you don’t need an adapter! When the stroller seat is reclined, the car seat fits right in there against the child bar and this red restraint goes around it to keep it safely in place. LOVE.

Alright, back to why I enjoy the adjustable handle… if I put it as low as it can go, it’s a great height for RYAN! He absolutely adores pushing his baby sister around the driveway like this! And hey, whatever gives mom a break–especially after a good run with the jogger 😉 Ryan even knows all about the foot brake and how to use it–and he always uses it, he loves it.

That iBaby is amazing. I don’t know how I lived without that feature in a stroller before. It connects to your iPod or mp3 player. Ryan and I take turns on what we listen to… my music (The Who, Aerosmith, Adele, etc.) or his music (mainly Raffi), lol.

There’s also the safety strap to use while jogging and a shock-absorbing suspension system and air-filled tires for a smooth ride.

Other features and stats:
~stands upright when folded
~child cup holder
~adjustable 5-point harness
~60 lb weight capacity
~JPMA certified and one year manufacturer warranty
~stroller weighs 31.5 pounds

Check out J is for Jeep jogging stroller for more images and details. You can find it at Buy Buy Baby stores for $299.99!

GIVEAWAY: one super lucky reader is going to win their own J is for Jeep Wrangler Sport Jogger! Please use the form below to enter. Only open to the continental US.

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