use quality when presenting your brand { giveaway}

I’ve been to multiple conferences and blogging events where I’ve needed to hand out my business cards. This can certainly be someone’s only impression of you as they sort through the cards they’ve collected after the event. Especially at something as large as BlogHer, each person you meet isn’t likely to remember who you are.

That means your business cards need to tell your story and it’s one area I wouldn’t skimp on.

I’ve used various companies to print my business cards over the years, but I have an absolute, hands-down favorite… In my opinion, there isn’t even a comparison between their cards and any other company. When someone hands me a moo card, I know it. When I hand someone my moo card, I often get asked where I made them and comments about how great they are.

Apart from being the best quality cards I’ve seen, offers a lot of options for their business cards. You can do full color on both sides and you can use different images on each card in your pack, if you want! I didn’t, I used the same images shown above for all of my cards, but if you had different photographs or logos you wanted to use, you can! Love that option.

There are your typical business cards or some fun options like the rounded corners shown with my business cards or mini cards. You can even upload right from your facebook page! If you don’t want to upload your own card design, you can choose from moo’s templates, too.

My cards arrived in this awesome case, which came in really handy at my conference. It has file cards in there to separate “mine” and “theirs.” The box has a cover too, just not pictured here. I even went and returned the card holder I had bought because this one was perfect!

So what makes moo cards so superior?

I hope you can really tell the thickness of these cards by my photo above. uses 16pt thick stock, a great print quality, and a smooth satin feel. My cards are the matte laminate and that satiny feel combined with the thickness of the card makes all the difference, I LOVE them! And so does everyone I hand one to!

Want to see them before you buy? Try the FREE business card sampler pack.

I also have some of their mini cards and plan on purchasing more business cards for another upcoming conference!

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader is going to win a set of 100 business cards from! Please use the form below to enter and good luck!

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