Ryan and Rebecca: twins?!

I got really behind with BlogHer and everything at the start of August and never wrote Rebecca’s 5 month post–I’m terrible!!! She’s 6 months old now and I have those pics and post coming up… but before that…

I saved one of my favorite outfits of Ryan’s and decided to put it on Rebecca… what do ya know, same age & same size. They were both 5 months old and wearing this size 12 month outfit (it runs really small):

Twins, or what?!?! Pretty close. I thought Rebecca was chunky, but I guess Ryan kinda was, too! Rebecca does have more rolls though. She has a more heart-shaped face, but they both have some adorable cheeks and big eyes. Love!

I had a really hard time getting Rebecca to look at the camera–or anywhere in my general direction, really, haha. She was so interested in the grass, she kept leaning forward in her seat to grab it!

Look at those thighs! and wispy hair, haha.

“Okay, mom, I’m done. It’s hot and I’m just NOT going to smile for you.”

And my two babies together now? Ryan insisted on wearing his Grinch Christmas pajama pants on this 90-degree day, lol. Oh my gosh, they’ve gotten so big, so fast!

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