The River Guy: Ryan’s new BFF

“Mom, let’s go see the River Guy! I want to see the River Guy! He shook my hand and…. he sat next to me…. and and and he put his arm around me! I like the River Guy, mom.”

rockford riverhawks

That is the excitement of a 2.5 year old little boy. That is one of my favorite things ever to witness. And that is why I love going to see the Rockford Riverhawks play!

Their mascot is fondly referred to as the River Guy in our house. He’s a big bird and he’s Ryan’s new BFF.

I grew up in Rockford and we’ve had a number of baseball teams over the years. The Riverhawks are a minor-league team that has been around here since 2002, I think. The new stadium in NE Rockford is awesome and looks really nice:

Rockford Riverhawks stadium

This time, I went with my two kids and my mom–we had a great time (even though the Riverhawks were murdered… 15 to 1!!). Our seats were super close, the weather was beautiful, their was a fireworks show after the game, and… there was Ryan’s second favorite part, the playground:

Rockford Riverhawks stadium for kids

The first time I went to a Riverhawks game, I was nervous about how it’d go with my toddler. I mean, he can get antsy especially when we are in one spot for a long time–what kid doesn’t? So I was beyond excited to see the playground! It’s really nice, too. There are even two bounce houses. I actually thought we’d never get out of there, haha. But what finally pulled Ryan away? The food!

My kids really had a great time. The Riverhawks season is over, but I can’t wait to go to more games next year. It’s a GREAT place to take a family, it’s awesome for kids, and they have plenty of picnic tables and tents for groups to sit while eating or whatever. That was really nice for us too–to not have to try to eat at our seats with the little children!

Rockford really has a ton of great things for families, you could easily spend a family weekend here. Want ideas? Just ask me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do you like taking your family out to baseball games?

You can follow the Riverhawks fun on twitter and facebook.

disclosure: theย IOT provided me with complimentary tickets to attend this game, but no compensation was received and all opinions and photos are my own!

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