just enjoying the view

When I was younger, my family would go on vacation to the same place every fall–St. Germain, WI. It’s the “northwoods” and it’s beautiful in the fall. When my brother and I got older, we moved away to school and the trips died out….

We’re starting the tradition again now that we’re all out of school and we have kids of our own. We came up last year and now we’re back again… this entire week I’m out of touch. I’m enjoying quality time with my kids and husband, my brother and his girlfriend who I see like once a year, and my parents. I’m enjoying the fishing, the weather, the quiet, and…. the view:

lake in northern wisconsin

I likely won’t be blogging at all and I will be checking in (email addiction at its best), but probably won’t be responding. Bring on the boat rides and board games! Have a great week, everyone! See ya next week 🙂

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