breast pumping with the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra

breast pumping

It looks like a tote bag, right? I was actually sitting at a garage sale one of my girlfriend’s was having when I pulled out this baby. No one knew it was a pump… “what a cute purse!” Haha. I told them it was a breast pump and they were amazed–it’s so cute!

It’s the Purely Yours Ultra breast pump from Ameda!

It’s a suede and faux leather tote that can certainly be disguised as anything but a pump as you’re carrying it to work, an event, or anywhere else. Hey, I’ve even lugged a breast pump with to a Halloween party. Priorities! It has two shoulder straps and there’s great attention to detail–buckles, stylish zippers, and an outer pocket.

breast pumping

Inside the bag easily holds everything you’ll need. In the photo below, the image on the left shows the inside of the bag with the pump parts in it. The photo on the upper right shows the bag empty–it has a nice easily washable surface!–and a lot of super handy pockets.

breast pumping

The Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump also comes with a little cooler (that can also be stored inside the bag)–the “Cool ‘N Carry Milk Storage Tote.” This is really useful if you’re out for a long period and need to pump, like at work. It’s great for bringing your pumped milk places too, like daycare or grandma’s house. It’s set up really nicely–three ice packs line the cooler and six 4-ounce bottles fit inside (also included with the pump).

breast pumping

Let’s get to the point! The pump! How’s it work?!

I love it! First, the basics. It’s a double electric pump and it has CustomControl™–that means you can separately adjust the speed and the suction strength for a total of 32 different combos. Now, my favorite features:

1. It’s a closed-system pump with “Proven Airlock Protection™.” That means the air in your pump never comes in contact with your milk. You won’t have to clean the tubing and, best of all, it can be a multi-user pump.

2. The pump comes with THREE different sizes of flanges. I’ve tried other pumps and not a single one came with additional flanges. This feature is sooo nice because not every woman is the same and many are likely to need different sizes! Even one mom can need different sizes throughout her breastfeeding journey. So awesome that Ameda includes 3 options with the pump. There are also 4 other sizes available you can buy separately.

3. Power sources. I like to plug my pumps into an outlet most of the time–you don’t drain batteries and you’re guaranteed a good, strong pump. However, batteries are sometimes a must. I think it’s really important a pump have both of these options. Well, Ameda stepped it up a notch and not only includes those two options, but ALSO includes a car adapter! Think you’ll never need to pump in the car?? I say… never say never!!! I’ve definitely pumped in a car… I mean, you’re already sitting and there’s nothing else you can do–great time to pump!

4. Manual pump adapter. OMGosh. Again, I just have to say it’s so awesome that Ameda included this! Sometimes it’s nice to have a small, quick, quiet manual pump. For awhile, I was pumping in the middle of the night and it was just easier for me to reach over to the bedside table and grab this manual pump (still half asleep). So this Ameda Purely Yours Ultra is totally a two-for-one deal.

breast pumping

More good things: my old Medela bottles from when Ryan was born work with this Ameda pump, the pump piece is small and the whole thing is lightweight, the pump has bottle holders that actually hold bottles up with flanges on so they don’t tip over, it’s fairly quiet (I’ve heard louder), and the flanges/suction are gentle and do not hurt me.

Negatives: you do have to take the pump out of the bag–I’ve tried others where the pump is built in so you just unzip the opening and go at it. BUT – I also view this as a positive because this means when you’re done breastfeeding, you can totally use this cute bag as just a tote! That’s about it… I can’t come up with anything else.

Overall, I think this is an amazing pump and would be perfect for any mom going back to work full or part time or even just needing to pump an extra milk supply, like I’m doing. It’s a great investment because it can be used for a long time, for multiple babies, or through multiple users. You can buy the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pump at Babies R Us for $239.99!

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