rocking to Raffi AND checking my emails

We’re music fanatics in this house. Even Ryan knows exactly how to work our iPods and iPhones to play specific songs or playlists. His favorite? Usually Raffi, but lately he’s been playing…. wait for it…. Gangnam Style. Yes, I’m serious. Mama is about to go buy some ear plugs.

And Ryan’s newest favorite tech toy? The Sound Step Recharge by Soundfreaq. Okay, I realize that bluetooth technology has been around for awhile, but I’ve never gotten into using it until recently. But I feel like I’m not the only one… it seems to be appearing more these days and as much as I hate change, I’m going with the changes. Mainly because this change is pretty cool 😉

stereo bluetooth music

The Sound Step Recharge has so many uses, I love it. First, it’s a music dock. You can put your iPod, iPhone, iTouch, or iPad on the docking station and listen to music or watch your favorite show. But it also has bluetooth wireless technology so you can keep your handheld device in your hand and stream music.

We play white noise for our babies and oh boy do I remember the days when we had to give up our phones (our lifelines) to play the noise during every nap and at night. I recall telling people constantly, “Sorry I missed your call, my phone was in Ryan’s room playing white noise!” Now? Bluetooth. Streaming music. LOVE.

stereo bluetooth music

I love the sleek design. You can plug it in to an outlet and it also has rechargeable battery, making it easily transportable through your house. My husband was like, “oh that thing is cool.” But when I told him it could run on battery, too, he was like a little kid, “Oh, AWESOME! That’s perfect!” It’s like a treasure hunt for me almost every day because he takes it all over the house–he loves to watch shows on his iPad with this.

The Sound Step Recharge charges your devices and even fits an iPad with a case. There are little rubber stoppers to protect the USB port when not in use, but you can remove the top smaller one to plug in an iPod or iPhone and then you can remove the longer one to fit your iPad. And the smartest thing?! The back of this Sound Step has grooves that the rubber pieces fit on–easy storage so your loose pieces don’t go missing!

stereo bluetooth music

We usually keep this in the kitchen (when my husband hasn’t run off with it) because then we get bluetooth reach throughout almost the whole house and I get to use it as a stand while I’m cooking. Sometimes I’ll put a show on, but I usually use it to stand up the iPad and read a recipe! If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I can’t cook without a recipe 😉

Okay, okay, now what everyone wants to know. How’s THE SOUND?!

It’s awesome. I told you we’re music fanatics and I have a finely tuned ear, inherited from my mother, so poor stereo speakers drive me a little batty. I’m amazed at how much greatness is packed into this little thing. Oh, I also love how the buttons on the dock aren’t really buttons… I mean, you barely have to touch them.

stereo bluetooth music

More great things: there’s a headphone jack and a video out port (to display things from your iPhone, etc. onto a TV), it comes with a remote control, and you can use it to listen to the radio with the Sound Step app.

What?! An app?? YEA! You have to download the (free) app to play through the Sound Step and it also has a radio option and remote controls. It’s not hard at all, but I’m telling you that my toddler was instantly better at all of this than I was. Now almost daily I hear, “Mom! I need your phone! I need to play music out of that thing!” 🙂

Would you like a Sound Step Recharge? You can shop Soundfreaq’s e-store, enter the code “momblog” and get 10% off this or any other product! You can find Soundfreaq on facebook and twitter, too.

~I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Soundfreaq and received a product sample to facilitate my review.

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