why hello, mario lopez

I remember playing at game at one of my bridal showers that asked questions about Steve and our relationship. One of them was something about what drives me nuts or a bad habit of his… my answer? His underwear! Socks, too, but those aren’t as gross. Seriously most of his underwear have holes and are just worn and ratty looking. I’ve come to find out it’s not just MY husband, but many guys in general. What gives?!

In the past few weeks, I’ve been randomly finding old pairs of Steve’s underwear in the garbage. I eventually asked him what he was doing. Wouldn’t ya know, after nearly 10 years of being together, he FINALLY realized his underwear needed to be replaced! AHH! I almost died laughing when he said, “Have you seen how bad some of them look?!” Um, yes hunny, I have.

So now I had an excellent reason to head to Kmart and check out the new underwear line from Mario Lopez, MaLo.


Mmmhmm, see? I didn’t have any trouble spotting the display in the store. EDIT: Steve just walked in and saw the photos above that I was editing. He said with a grin, “Whatcha doing? I thought you were working?” Ohhhh, perks of the job, babe. Just perks of the job 😉

Anyyyyway. There are a few different styles and color options. I went with boxer briefs and had to decide on a color set… each pack comes with 3 pairs (for just under $15?! great deal!)… and I knew Steve would want the plain colors on the left (below), but I just couldn’t pass up the fun ones! I went with the set on the far right.


Now to update his underwear “drawer!” Steve actually keeps his underwear (my this post is getting a little personal, no? lol) in the master bathroom closet so that he can get dressed in there without waking me up in the morning. He gets up EARLY for work. I decided to spare you and not post any close-up photos of his old underwear. Who wants to see that?! Not even his wife. You can at least see how boring they are and take my word for it–they’re holey.

MaLo underwear

Now for the fun part… upgrading! I loooove the colors–who doesn’t want to get dressed in something that makes them feel good because they look good?! My husband wouldn’t admit it, but I know he was excited about the fun colors, too, haha. How do I know? He wore a pair first thing the next day!


I love the added color to his closet and I LOVE the look on Steve–clean, fun, and all in one piece, haha. And mayyyybe when I see them I think of Mario Lopez. Kiddddding… 😉


You can see my entire path to purchase MaLo at Kmart on google+. And you can follow MaLo fun on their pages: Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

~I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and MaLo #CBias #SocialFabric #MaLoUnderwear All opinions and photos are my own!


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