what’s better than watching a baby sleep?

When Ryan was a baby we never got a video monitor, even though I reallllllllly wanted one. We had a regular baby monitor and the video ones were just too expensive for us at the time. All those times I wished I could see what Ryan was doing–especially when I’d wake up after a 5-hour stretch and panic that something must be wrong.

Finally, with Rebecca, we got the opportunity to use a video monitor and I adore it! There’s seriously nothing better than watching a sleeping babe and I can seriously sit and stare at this monitor forever. I just kind of space out and look at her cute little face. ((Photo below taken with my iPhone–doesn’t do the video monitor image justice, promise!))

video monitor

This is the Peek Plus Internet Baby Monitor System from Summer Infant. The handheld video monitor is lightweight, thin, and has a clip on the back to attach to your pants or bag and it also pulls out so you can stand the monitor up.

video monitor

But… the coolest thing EVER? You can connect your video monitor to the internet. AND not only can you watch it on a secure website on your computer, but there’s also an app so you can tune in from your smartphone or tablet. LOVE!

First, here’s my sleeping princess as seen on my laptop screen… checking in on her while I’m blogging, of course! In the upper right photo below you can see the controls given on the website while I’m viewing online. It also shows your baby’s name and the date and time… it plays in real time for the most part, so no need to refresh manually.

The bottom right photo is a comparison of the video feed on the handheld monitor and on the website on my laptop. They’re the same. There really isn’t a delay and the video streamed impressively well on my laptop.

video monitor

You just plug the little white wifi gateway directly into your router (ethernet cord included), then you go to Summer Infant’s secure Peek Plus website, enter in some registration numbers, and ta-da! Sleeping baby online! You create a user name and password to share with others and there can be up to three people viewing at once.

When I called my mom and gave her the website and our log-in information, she was SOOOO excited to be able to watch Rebecca sleep from her house 45 minutes away. You should have heard the two of us: Oh how sweet! She just moved! Did you see her move?! Oh there she goes again! Aww now I can see her face! Did I miss anything? Look at her hand!

You’d think we were watching a movie or something, haha.

And? My husband can check in and see his sleeping beauty during naps while he’s at work!

AND I can get much further range than a typical monitor. Granted this handheld monitor really does go quite the distance, but if I’m outside playing with Ryan I really don’t have to worry if I have my cell phone with me.

Also, Ryan adores to see Rebecca sleeping on the iPad app:

video monitor

Just an FYI – the directions say to search “summer infant” in the app store, but that didn’t work for me… it didn’t turn up any results. I searched “summer” and it was on the first page of results with the butterfly icon.

Ryan thinks it’s pretty cool to be able to see his sister! And on multiple devices at once lol:

video monitor

As you can see on the handheld monitor, there are some setting options, too. You can easily control volume on the side (a green light also comes on to signify noise intensity) and screen brightness on the front. There are also options to add other cameras–I need one for my son’s room! Grandma and Grandpa especially want to see him sleeping, too!

On the top there’s a button for turning the video screen on and off–it will save your battery to only turn the image on when needed. To give you an idea on battery life, I’ll charge this fully before nighttime and then take it to bed with me. ItΒ almost lasts all the way till morning.

Check out the Peek Plus FAQs if you have any questions about how it all works–it’s all really so simple. You can watch a video tutorial, too.

video monitor

You can buy the Summer Infant Peek Plus at Babies R Us for $349.99. Make sure you find Summer Infant on twitter and facebook, too!

16 comments to what’s better than watching a baby sleep?

  • That is pretty cool! I should think about getting a Peek Plus monitor for when I babysit my niece!


  • audre

    Oh Man! That would be amazing to have! Wish I had an extra $300+ for it. My husband would love to be able to peek in on Simon from Afghanistan!!

    On another note… I can totally see some terrible parent using this as a baby sitter while they leave the house!!!


    babydickey Reply:

    Ooooo yikes I didn’t even think of that! The extent of my plans were to be outside playing with Ryan lol. I couldn’t ever imagine being farther away than that.


    babydickey Reply:

    Oh and YES this would be so amazing for your family and all with loved ones overseas! <3


  • I’ve seen those monitors all over lately! I so wish I had something like that when my kids were young. I’ll have to pass this on to my military boys (and girls) to grab the next time we’re deployed. They would love to see they’re kiddos in real time!


  • This is amazing! I think I would be addicted to this if I had one. We just had the voice monitor.


  • That is seriously cool. Both of my babies slept with me. I way rather would have used this option though. πŸ™‚


  • I love it that you can view the video feed on an iPhone or iPad now. Last summer when We really needed a monitor for Addison and the boys, there weren’t any available that weren’t the price of a new car. LOL!


  • Beth

    Loved watching her sleep. You have to remind me how to long on again!


  • Geneva

    This review is helpful! Are you able to turn the wifi part off at any point? I’m thinking there might be times I don’t want my relatives to see in the baby’s room- aka breastfeeding or when I’m not fully dressed or she’s screaming! Haha


    Emily Dickey Reply:

    Haha – yes! I had similar thoughts πŸ™‚ You can simply turn off the camera while you’re in there.


  • Kerrin

    Just stumbled across your post when I was searching for information about this monitor. Were you able to add the second camera to it?


    Emily Dickey Reply:

    Yes! Check the instructions on the FAQ here: http://peaceofmind.summerinfant.com/peek-plus/faqs/monitor-camera/


    Kerrin Reply:

    That’s fantastic! Thank you so much! So you can view two different rooms/kids with the app or parent unit?


    Stacy Reply:

    Where did you find the second camera for purchase?


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