rebecca’s adventures with foooooood {InGenuity high chair giveaway}

Ryan didn’t start eating till he was about 8 months old. I thought Rebecca showed more interest in food earlier on than he did, but she has yet to really eat. We skip the whole baby food thing… I’d rather Rebecca pick up her own food and put it in her mouth, chew, and swallow. She still kind of has that tongue thrust reflex, which means she’s just not ready yet!

Her first banana:

baby's first food

Yep, haha.

We recently sold our big, wooden high chair at a garage sale… I loved that it was wood, but was really tired of it just taking up space in our kitchen.

We replaced it with the InGenuity Chair Top High Chair. Ahhhh, so much better. It fits right on one of the chairs at the kitchen table so I don’t notice it, it doesn’t take up space, and I feel like Rebecca’s more a part of our family meals.

high chair

It adjusts to four different heights. Ideally, that’s good enough to fit with nearly every table…. except ours. It’s not too bad because it will fit without the tray on it, but we have a long overhanging edge around our table that just makes this incompatible. It still works just fine though, we just pull it close.

The pad on the seat is made for easy cleaning and it whips right off to be washed if needed. It’s reversible, too, and super cute.

The seat reclines in three different position (seen below). I suppose the reclines are from little ones that don’t sit very well yet, but Rebecca can sit and when we recline her, she can’t reach the tray and that makes her angry, haha. So we usually only use this seat in the most upright position. Important to note that the tray doesn’t move and always stays flat even if you recline the seat!

high chair

I LOVE that it can be converted to a booster seat for your toddler. Products that grow with your child are the best! The top part of the seat-back snaps off and then you just remove the tray.

The tray is dishwasher safe (yay! my wooden one was NOT!) and has handy spots for snacks and cups.

This attaches easily to your kitchen table chair with two straps–one that goes around the base and one that goes around the back. Click together the buckles and pull tight.

high chair

You can find this high chair from InGenuity at Babies R Us for $64.99. This one is in the Shiloh fashion.

GIVEAWAY: one lucky winner will receive this same InGenuity chair top high chair! Please use the form below to enter–good luck!

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