oh it’s nothin’… I’m just printing from my iPhone… at the grocery store

As a blogger, I print a lot of stuff. I’m a list maker and I have deadlines and contracts… some things I do keep track of online, but I’m still an old-fashioned piece of paper kind of girl. I like having it in front of me to doodle on, cross off, etc. Same with recipes… I might google to find something new to make, but I have to have my usual recipes printed out in a book.

So I was pretty excited to get the new HP 3052A Wireless All-in-One Printer with ePrint Mobile Printing and Airprint! Phew, what a name, lol. What in the world does all that mean….. basically, I can print from anyyyywhere.


I can print wirelessly in my house… from the couch, from my bed, from the kitchen. I love this feature when I’m cooking a new recipe and want it for my cookbook or when I’m browsing the internet from bed and see a new craft I want to make. It’s just REALLY handy to not be connected.

But even better is the fact I can print from my iPad or iPhone. I’m on my laptop a lot, but that’s more work stuff. When I browse recipes and crafts and fun stuff, that tends to be on the iPad because I’m lounging. I LOVE that I can send stuff straight to the printer! And the Airprint? Means we can print from anywhere. Steve can surprise me with a photo while he’s at work or on a business trip… I got to send fun pics home to my baby boy when I was out of town last week in Kentucky! So fun, right?!

Not to mention it copies and scans too–straight to your iPad, if you’d like. And the new XL ink lets you save up to 40% and I LOVE these because we used to go through ink so quickly! But I’m rambling, just check it out in my video:

Sorry it’s a little rocky, I was tending to a sick baby girl on my lap, lol.

Find this HP 3052A printer and the XL ink in stores at Walmart or online. For such wonderful features and so many capabilities, the price on this baby is cheap, in my opinion… a really affordable $69.00! Check out the HP ePrint printer options and XL ink at walmart.com!

~Disclosure: I received the printer and XL ink as part of a promotional program with MomSelect.

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