favorite books?

In just the few short years we’ve had children in this house, we have amassed an amazing amount of books. That’s a GREAT thing! And Ryan LOVES to read–piles and piles of books at a time, some books over and over in one sitting. Some he has memorized and can read to US! I’m always on the hunt for awesome books  because that’s something you can really never have too many of. And they’ll be there for Rebecca next!

personalized children's books

One company I LOVE is “I See Me.” I first discovered them when some family members gave Ryan a personalized book when he was born… it was truly his first favorite book and how he learned to spell his name.

Since then we’ve added a couple more books (and placemats!) from the I See Me collection to our home… and they’re all awesome. I highly recommend these books–amazing gifts!

Anyyyywayyy… we got a new one for Ryan’s birthday. He turns THREE in December! AHH! The new book is called “My Royal Birthday Adventure,” except our book says “Ryan’s” instead of “My!”

personalized kid's book

As with any book from I See Me, you can dedicate it to your child with a special message at the beginning of the book. Then, this book is filled with your child’s name and the names of loved ones–I mean, it’s a birthday party and everyone is invited! Oh and by “birthday party,” I mean a royal feast 😉

personalized kids book

inside the book

The book met all my expectations, which (for I See Me) are pretty high. Going to a child’s birthday party??? Or a baby shower??? Need a fun gift for your own child??? I promise you can’t go wrong with these! They’re like keepsakes, too… very fun for a kid to see their own name in a book, a great way for them to learn, and great memorabilia for the parents.

They have another very similar version for girls, too.

personalized children's books

And a little tip: “like” I See Me on facebook because they do offer exclusive deals there! You can also find them on twitter and pinterest.

What are some of your favorite children’s books??? I’d love to add more to our collection!

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