Babywearing, Breastfeeding, & Cloth Diapers–OH MY! Products at ABC

This is my first post about the ABC Kids Expo I attended in Kentucky two weeks ago. There was SO MUCH to see, it was a little overwhelming. There were the brands and people I’ve worked with before that I wanted to meet, finally, face-to-face. There were the products I use and I wanted to meet the brands and tell them how much I love them. There were the new brands I’ve never heard of and the products I’ve never seen that I wanted to learn about. Miles of booths! I naively thought we’d take breaks back at the hotel throughout each day, but nope! We were at the expo hall each of the four days from morning till closing time.

First up–babywearing, breastfeeding, and cloth diapers (OH MY!). Now, I took a TON of photos… so I’ll try to keep it short. These are shown in no particular order whatsoever, just what I happened to upload from my camera.


moby go

NEW November 2012–the Moby GO soft structured carrier. I was really excited to go see this because we love our Moby wrap. We’re kind of out of the wrap-wearing stage though and I love soft carriers. This one was great–very easy to use and all the straps were easily reachable and simple to adjust (while wearing). Why I loved it? The straps criss-cross across your back and they’re wide at the shoulders for comfort.


A new brand I’d never heard of–emeibaby. I stopped to check them out because 1) I love soft-structured carries and 2) I was intrigued by this design. Basically when your baby is a newborn, the fabric is pulled tighter so it hangs down in front (positioning of carrier on the far right in the image above). As your baby grows, you need more of that fabric for their “seat” (middle photo), finally using most of it with your toddler as the fabric is pulled at the sides (far left). I explained that terribly, didn’t I? Padded straps… hood… seems nice (I didn’t try it on). They call it a sling and carrier in one.


Beco–the carrier I’d love to have and have yet to try. The new Gemini line and on the right side of the photo, the Soleil additions coming soon. They have adjustable straps to raise or lower your baby, no inside panel, accessory kit with hood, infant insert, and drool pads, AND a snap on bag to hold some stuff (keys, phone, diaper?)… looks great!


Yes, baby carriers from JJ Cole! These won’t be available until 2013 (sorry!), but they look appealing. In the left image above there’s a wrap style carrier on the left. The back of it is shown in the image on the right side. I love this because it goes on over your head just like a t-shirt and the back of it makes it look very comfortable… oh and no mess of wrapping a wrap, lol. But I do wonder about the lack of extra support around the baby… you know how wraps have the leftover fabric that wraps around the baby’s back, apart from the criss-cross. Wonder if it matters?

The other carrier is a soft-structured one with an insert to make the “seat” style that I like. Cool feature about these? You can buy various carrier designs that simply attach to the basic carrier–cute!

JJ Cole had lots of great new stuff–including a Polar BundleMe that extends with a zippered pouch area to use from newborn to toddler–loved it!

baby wearing

College Bound! These are your classic wraps, but with college logos on them! They had limited ones available to have at ABC, so there was no Iowa State for me. They kindly gave me one to take home–the Georgia Tech one seen in the photo above! Rebecca loved it πŸ™‚ And that’d be my roomie and fellow blogger standing next to me, Becca from Mama B, with her baby girl Sophia! Sophia look a little low in that wrap? That’s because Becca just learned how to breastfeed while wearing her! Whooooo! Thanks to College Bound for helping her out πŸ˜‰ Oh and Rebecca’s super cute knee socks? Rock-a-Thigh Baby.

baby wearing shirts

Okay, REALLY excited about this next one… Chimparoo. I swear this is going to be the next big thing. I wish I had visited this booth earlier in the week so I could have had time to try one of these on. Those aren’t your typical wraps in the photo above… they’re SHIRTS! My favorite one is the t-shirt style (red one on the top). It’s basically just a t-shirt and the criss-cross fabric to hold your baby is hidden inside the shirt. How amazing for running errands and for kangaroo care. Then there’s a piece of fabric that can be worn like a fake hood in the back OR a cowl neck in the front and while you’re babywearing you use it as the extra protection around the baby’s back. Sooooo perfect, I must try one on. The black one on the right hangs open like a cardigan. Ohhh and they make these shirts for daddies, too!

They also have great looking woven ring slings and wraps. I didn’t get a picture of it (somehow), but they also have a soft-structured carrier much like you’d expect… except you can face the baby outward in it, still in the seat position (vs the crotch dangler)–very interesting.

mei tei

Next up is CatBirdBaby… I can’t even believe I didn’t take my own photos because I made it a point to go see them, as I was on a hunt for a mei tai carrier. I’ve never tried one, but by the end of this 4 day expo, my back was hurting from the Ergo I was wearing. I tried one of these on and really liked it. I like the flap that can be up for more head support or folded down and I liked the support of the straps across my back. The ladies at this booth were super helpful and really nice.

baby wearing

One more I didn’t get real photos of: Onya Baby. I don’t have pics because I didn’t really stop by their booth… but only because I had the pleasure of meeting the owner at BlogHer12! I got to try out (and take home) one of their carriers… what makes it different? lots of little design features and the ability to use it on a chair. It’s not for little babes (starts at 15 lb), but otherwise awesome. I Β have the Outback one that’s more breathable.


And finally… Ergo. They had a lot of product out and some new things I really liked… although I’m not sure what to think of the carrier in the photo above. It’s a thin and lightweight white fabric that would be great for hot summer months. In the colder months you can attach the fur and hand warmer… itΒ looks pretty, but at the same time a little funny, and I also wonder how warm the baby would get with that fur.


nursing pouch

KoalaKin–I’ve actually reviewed this hands-free nursing pouch before. In the newborn stages of near constant nursing, this was wonderful to have, especially with another child to take care of. This is also great for those marathon nurses… the babies that take 45 minutes during one feeding. It was great to meet them in person πŸ™‚

nursing wear

Bis.kot–I stopped at this booth because I was just passing by and saw the cute clothes! It’s really hard to find cute nursing wear, imo. These double as maternity clothes, too. I love the cowl neck shirts and wish they made that in a dress style, too! I asked, they don’t πŸ˜‰ But maybe someday?!

nursing bras

The Dairy Fairy–love the idea, would like to try it out to see that it really works well. Basically it’s a nursing bra and a hands-free pumping bra in one. You have the clasps and pull-down cups for nursing and then you have a slit opening in the cups for your pump. Sounds awesome! I wonder about the style with the bow though because how do you wear that under clothes? Unless you’re in a hoodie… but it’s cute! Sizes run S-M-L, I believe, instead of bra sizes, so I wonder about comfort or how much support you’d get… probably not a bra you’d wear for a long time. Otherwise, I love the idea.

dr brown's

Dr. Brown’s–I had to stop by here because one of my favorite breastfeeding lines, Simplisse, is now Dr. Brown’s! And one of my favorite PR guys was there–was great to meet you, Steve! Was nice to see all of Dr. Brown’s stuff (I was pretty unfamiliar before) and the Simplisse items rebranded as Dr. Brown’s. FYI – their nipple cream is the BEST.


Lansinoh–the new breast pump! Amazing… it’s a closed system, double-electric, separate speed and suction, hospital-grade AND it’s crazy affordable compared to other pumps. I can’t remember the price, but it was under $200. It does come with a bag this time, but I will say it’s nothing fancy… just a tote to get the job done. And if that means a ~$150 price point? GREAT!


cloth diapers

Has anyone ever told you that cloth diaperers are CRAZY? ^^Proof^^

Yes, there were fluff wars at ABC. The guilty parties in the photo above are Applecheeks, Smart Bottoms, Thirsties,Planet Wise, and Rumparooz. There’s even a video–you must watch it.

Okay, so I slacked a bit on my cloth diaper reporting. I didn’t visit many booths… like, any. Why? Because I already know about most CD brands that were there and I already have a favorite: Applecheeks. And not only their diapers, but everything else they make. WHAT, you didn’t know they made other products?!?! They do.

They could be under the Breastfeeding section above, too, because their bamboo nursing pads are my favorite. Soft and perfect size. Another fave? Their bamboo wipes. Oh and their wet bags and swim diapers. They also have a NEW all-purpose storage sac that’s 9″ x 6″ so it’s great for snacks, wipes, pacis.. anything, really.

And I can’t mention Applecheeks without referring to their AMAZING customer service. Best of any brand around, in my experience. I spent a good amount of time with them at ABC, just chatting at their booth because I <3 them. And? Sneak peek at their NEW PRINT coming next year!!!

cloth diapers

Phew, DONE! For now…. next up? An ABC Gear version with strollers, car seats, bouncers, etc…. and an ABC Toy version with accessories and decor. Lots more to come! πŸ™‚


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