Hostess with the mostess!

This post brought to you by Hostess Cakes. All opinions are 100% mine.

I loooove Halloween and everything that comes with it–making fun halloween costumes, decorating the house, doing crafts with the kids, and creating special spooky treats. Growing up, my mom always made pumpkin sugar cookies every year…. a tradition I want to continue with  my kids! But I like making fun, new stuff, too… and I blame Pinterest 😉 So many fun ideas on there!

Everyone loves Hostess Cakes, right?! I mean, we grew up on them. They’re a survival food… I mean, have you seen Zombieland?!

Ryan has yet to try a Hostess treat, we don’t often keep sweets in the house, but I found a ton of cute ideas using Twinkies for Halloween treats. MUST MAKE! Or, at least, MUST PIN! lol. some would be great for themed birthday parties, too…


Owl Twinkie

Mummy Twinkie

You can’t even tell they’re twinkies! So much you could make with these… bats? spiders? Hmm maybe I could do something cute with a train for Ryan’s birthday party in December.

Do you have fond memories of Hostess treats? I haven’t had one in years, but definitely remember them from when I was a kid! The cupcakes with the icing on top and filling in the middle?! Yea, those, too. Now I really want to make one of these fun ideas.

Enjoy! 🙂

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