HGG: sleep better with SHEEX {+ giveaway}

Ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy goodness. You seriously have to feel these sheets for yourself to believe it, but for now you’ll have to take my word for it. BEST SHEETS EVER.

I first met the SHEEX team at BlogHer, so I was able to see and FEEL their products first hand. I was in love. And now I got to test out a set of their sheets for our own bed…….. heaven.


Okay, so what is SHEEX? Simply put, the world’s first luxury performance bed sheets.

  • Soooooooooo ridiculously soft, I want these in pajamas. And clothes. And socks. And blankets. A couch. Am I asking for too much?
  • Breathes almost 50% more than cotton.
  • Transfers body heat 2x better than typical bedding = more comfortable sleep.
  • Wicking properties to keep you dry! (A plus for my hubby and my sweaty son, lol)
  • Amazing = advanced fade, wrinkle, and shrink resistance.
  • Perfect fit on any mattress.

I want to point out two of my favorite things (apart from being BABY BUTT SOFT)…. the fit and the wrinkle resistance. Our last sheet set (cotton) was king size but I dreaded changing them because they were nearly impossible to fit around all four corners of the mattress…. right?! And there’s never enough sheet to tuck in on all four sides. Raise your hand if your sheets are the same way. Yea, that’s what I thought.

But SHEEX are stretchy and they slide on my mattress SO easily that I actually enjoy making the bed. I don’t need two people, I don’t end in sweat and tears (for real), and it’s quick and easy.


Creme-colored SHEEX

Second… Dude, I don’t know what my husband does when he sleeps, but we wake up in the morning with his side a MESS. The sheets have come off the mattress, everything is untucked, and it’s a wrinkled disaster. My side, just so you know, still looks made and wonderful 😉 So I love that the SHEEX sheets don’t get wrinkly. I can re-make the bed and they still look like new.

They have a whole line of sheets, pillow cases, fleece, duvet covers and comforters, pillows (I need those next!), mattress toppers, crib sheets, and even a sleep sack for travel!

We received the King Sheet Set with Pillowcases, which sells for $219, and comes in a variety of colors. I selected the Creme color because our current comforter is mainly brown so I knew it’d match that, but I want to get a new one and I figured Creme was a good neutral that will match just about anything. It also comes in white, black, espresso, khaki, pewter, glacier blue, and plum.

You can find SHEEX on twitter and facebook.

GIVEAWAY: want to win your own set of SHEEX?!?! (Yes, you do!) Just go here to enter very simply by entering your name and email. GOOD LUCK! Giveaway runs Nov 11 – Nov 25.

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