mommy’s guilty pleasures

I’m a mom 24/7… I eat, sleep, and breathe “MOM.” Especially as one that stays at home, I find it really important to find little breaks… call it saving my sanity or remembering who I am, besides Mom.

A night away or going to see a movie  or getting a pedicure would be nice, but things like that are very far and few between. It’s much harder to get that much time away from both kids.

So? I’ve discovered ways to sneak in me-time throughout the day or each week… 10 minutes here and there… trust me, it really makes a difference!

  • A delicious cup of coffee: a must every morning. Yes, my kids are still playing at my feet, but for a few minutes I tune everything out and really enjoy that caffeine.
  • A solo shower. Okay, this doesn’t happen that often, but I can manage showering alone at least once a week and it’s heavenly.
  • Chocolate. Buy your favorite kind next time at the store, hide it, and get out a piece at nap time or when your kids aren’t looking. Enjoy.
  • Writing. Clearly I like to blog and writing is a way for me to relax… or rant. It can take me an entire day (or week) to write one post if I just get in 10 minutes here and there, as the kids let me!
  • Music. Blast a favorite song and have a dance party with the kids. This doesn’t take any alone-time, but definitely gives me a recharge and makes us all smile.
  • Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy. We don’t have TV so I watch these online whenever I’m able… during naps or on weekends… love ’em!
  • Speaking of gossip…. magazines! My favorite is PEOPLE Magazine. I can sit down and read little bits at a time, catch up on the hot news, glance through the pictures of the hottest trends and people.

Oh and speaking of hot people… PEOPLE Magazine’s Annual Sexiest Man Alive issue is coming out soon! November 15th to be exact. I don’t have a subscription to the magazine, but my mother-in-law does and it just might be why I love dinner at the in-laws’ 😉 I love curling up on the couch (maybe with a glass of wine) and reading the gossip, especially because we have no TV, I  never have any idea what’s going on!

Now let’s take a minute (maybe YOUR guilty pleasure of today?) to view some past sexy men:

sexy men

Hmmm… I keep going back and forth between all 3 trying to pick a favorite…. Johnny Depp is…. Johnny Depp. Yum. I always love him. But then there’s Hugh Jackman. Heyyyyy, Wolverine. I pick him.

Who do you think will be the sexiest man alive this year?!?!! How can you beat those three up there?! I think it should be Hugh again 😉 OH! NO! I got it: David Boreanaz. Yep. That’s it, he’s my pick.

david boreanaz

I’d also just like you to know that I just spent 15 minutes searching google images of David Boreanaz. That would be my guilty pleasure mom time for the day! Well spent 😉

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