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You heard it here first. I’m telling all of you so that you help hold me accountable… I’ve been throwing around the idea of becoming a doula or a childbirth educator for awhile. You know, ever since that first birth experience changed my entire life. But I’ve been busy… being a mom, teaching college classes, moving to the middle of nowhere….

Well… I think it’s time. We have two kids and we’re done. Ryan will be in school soon. We’re moving back to civilization–where birth education is greatly needed. Steve has a great job that allows me to work from home. So that’s it. I’m following my passion. I definitely plan on keeping the blog and the social media/freelancing gigs…. that’s my other passion and there’s room for both in my life.

Becoming a doula may come someday down the road, when the kids are older, but right now I’m working on my childbirth educator certification. Emily Dickey, CBE. I can teach classes from my home and set my own hours–perfect for a mom of 2 littles.

Over the years I’ve collected birthy books and items purely out of my own (maybe slightly obsessive) interest. I realized that I have a pretty great start to a “learning library” that would be awesome for mamas in my classes. Ina May’s books, Birthing from Within, DVDs, ICAN’s info, all kinds of cloth diapers and babywearing carriers to try….

And I’m excited about some new stuff I recently found that I just got to add to my collection. We move to our new house soon and I’ve picked out the space I’d like for my future classes… with a library of books and walls of posters…

breastfeeding positions

So I was actually shopping on for their cute and super soft baby products (like a new hooded towel for Rebecca). And then I noticed they had a ton of educational breastfeeding items. I never would have thought to look for that! But I love them! So the image above is poster #1 for my new office 😉

breastfeeding book

Rebecca wanted to help me out, too 😉 A new book to add to my lending library… a nice and easy read about breastfeeding (that goes over myths vs facts and how breastfeeding is for today’s mama).

breastfeeding posters

Another poster to fill my wall 😉 I got the one on top of the super adorable baby breastfeeding. Andddd there’s more!


Some fun brochures… they are 2-sided with info on feeding, sleep positioning, SIDS, and poop. And a DVD on breastfeeding–great for classes! I like it because it’s real moms and dads talking about breastfeeding and how it really went for them… not just an educational thing like “this is what you do and that’s how it works.”

((FYI–all of this stuff is really affordable. I hope they come out with more stuff! Anyway, if you’re interested, I found it all on

I hope to keep you updated on my progress with this certification…. now that you all know, I can’t let you down! Keep me on my toes!!! If you know of more awesome resources for “office” supplies, let me know! 🙂

baby gooroo

baby gooroo did send these items to me free of charge–I asked for them for my future CBE office 😉 any opinions, of course, are my own–I was not compensated in any way for this post…

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