easy coffee cake crumble… in a cup!

So awhile ago I saw something on Pinterest about a brownie in a cup. Say whhhhhat?! I mean, the idea is so totally simple, yet I never ever would have thought of it. Maybe because I will always prefer making an entire tray of brownies to eat instead of just one, haha. But for real, how cute is a brownie in a cup?! So much fun for your kids to make or to serve at a dinner party!

Oh and it’s made in the microwave. Yea, EASY.

So we all know I’m a coffee addict (as in – I can’t drink anything else or it will interrupt my caffeine stream) and I loooove creamer. I also recently discovered (wow, thank you Pinterest, you’ve changed my life) that you can bake and cook with coffee creamers. Yummmmmm.

So I started thinking…. what can I make IN A CUP, with some delicious coffee creamer.

What goes better with coffee than COFFEE CAKE?! Genius, I tell you. I did some googling. Thankfully I found someone that can bake and got an awesome recipe from someone that did some trial and error so I don’t have to: Prudent Baby. Go there for the full recipe because she deserves the credit!

coffee cake in a cup

My lil helper 🙂

These were so easy to make–you just throw in small amounts of typical ingredients… butter, sugar, flour, etc. Prudent Baby said the egg is optional or use 1 or use half of one…. so of course I just simply made TWO mugs of this and split one egg between the two. Perfect.

Prudent Baby’s recipe also calls for some sour cream. This is where I substituted my International Delight Pumpkin Pie Spice seasonal coffee creamer. In other baking recipes, you can put in creamer instead of milk, too.

coffee cake in a cup

Sooo… mine look NOTHING like Prudent Baby’s, haha. You really should go check out hers… they’re pretty. But even if mine don’t look so hot, they were still super tasty. Like… surprisingly good for being made in 5 minutes in the microwave. Must be that coffee creamer 😉 It added just a hint of flavor that was perfect!

And too cute in a cup!

coffee cake in a cup

Ryan was really excited about our creation, too. I will definitely be trying to make more things in cups! With alllllllll the International Delight creamer flavors:

international delight coffee creamers

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~This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.

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