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I’m excited to share this one with you today because I love playing games with the kids! Ryan gets to excited because he’s at just the right age to understand and have fun with them. Plus, Wonder Forge has a lot of games with characters Ryan recognizes (and loves) like Curious George, Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Chuggington, and Dr. Seuss.

board games for kids

Every time I look at the picture above I laugh. Do you see that little boy looking oh so longingly at those games?! Hahaha. His mean mama told him to wait so I could take a picture 🙂

For our review, we received two new games for 2012: the Never Land Challenge and Dr. Seuss Fun Machine.

jake never land pirates game

Omgosh, I love this game. Ryan (my toddler) and I aren’t familiar with this show at all, but it doesn’t matter. This is an active game that has us doing fun and silly things… and Ryan and I just crack up at each other, I love it! Ryan gets to practice skills, too, like balance, precision, counting, crab walking, etc.

never land challenge

The game is suggested for ages 3 and up. Ryan will be 3 next month and we can definitely play this game and have a lot of fun, but he doesn’t quite get all of it (but that’s okay!). Sometimes we just play the actions and don’t worry about the coins. And I’ll admit, sometimes the “vines” get used as swords, haha. See the game in action HERE.

jake and the never land pirates game

Next up: the Dr. Seuss Fun Machine! Now this one is awesome because it’s played with an app for the iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch). Basically you get a bunch of cardboard tiles with Dr. Seuss characters and different shapes and colors. On the app, there are 3 different games to play: matching, slap down, and guess-a-roo.

dr seuss app

Ryan loves playing on the iPad so this is right up his alley. The suggested age is 3 and up, but the Guess-A-Roo game is a little hard for Ryan. It shows a sequence of clues and you have to figure out which tile it’s referring to. The matching and slap down games are easier and Ryan can even play them by himself. In slapdown, you put cards in front of you and as the app brings up a picture, you try to match one of your tiles by the character, the color, or the shape. It’s a great way for Ryan to think critically and concentrate on his shapes and colors!

dr seuss app game

And last, but not least: Chugginton’s Let’s Ride the Rails! This game is from 2011, but it is hands down Ryan’s favorite. We’ve played it 932854 times. Almost. There are 3 trains (Ryan will tell you their names and colors!) that chug along the train tracks and stop at stations to pick up the zoo animals. Once they get to the safari park at the end, they unload the animals and players guess at what animal is hiding (a piece that was hidden at the start of the game).

chugginton board game

One reason it’s super fun is the 4-foot long game board! The very first time we played, Ryan followed all the rules and we played the way you’re supposed to. After that, all bets were off. Ryan moves whichever train, whenever he wants, wherever he wants, haha. Hey, I guess it keeps things interesting for me! He loves loading the animal pieces into the backs of the trains and moving them around their designated color line on the game board. GREAT game, I definitely recommend it! It’s also for ages 3 and up.

chuggington ride the rails game

Check out Wonder Forge to see all their other games that will make great gifts for the upcoming holidays and will make for some very happy children! I know Ryan is getting another one for Christmas 🙂 shhhh, it’s a surprise!

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader will win their own Dr. Seuss Fun Machine game! Please use the form below to enter–good luck!

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