holding on to the memories

Some of you know that my grandpa passed away December 2009, just a few short weeks before my son was born… my grandpa’s first grandchild. I think of him a lot. Day to day there are passing things that make me think of him for a short while–the certain way I say or hear a word, classical music on the radio, the moon in the sky, even my son’s blue eyes. My grandpa was the kindest person I’ve ever known… he always had a smile for you and he was the type of person you’d strive to become. I miss him.


My mom had old videos of him that she thought were lost and gone. She had stacks and stacks of old photographs and she had managed to scan in a few, but it was a big job. Then she saw a coupon online to try out this digital photo service… basically they take everything you have (old camcorder tapes, VHS tapes, photographs, flash drives, etc.) and convert them to digital files and create DVDs.

media files

The day her DVDs arrived my mom called me on the phone sooo excited about them. Slideshows of my grandpa… cleaned up and digital photos…. videos of him being goofy… videos of him being Grandpa…. all the videos she thought were gone. I went over to her house to see them and was so impressed with the quality of what this company had sent. It wasn’t simply photos and video pasted onto a DVD. There was a “preview” slideshow of what was on each DVD, chapters, music and themes, the ability to view and share online… it was quality. And it was my Grandpa, back in color.

My mom and I sat and watched video after video. What an amazing gift.


The company? YesVideo. And shortly after this experience, I was offered the chance to be one of their new ambassadors. How could it be more perfect?! Yes, yes, yes!

So – I am excited to bring YesVideo to all of you, I am excited to work with them, and I am excited to preserve more of my family memories.

Preserve your memories and share gifts this holiday season! The deadline to drop off your order for shipment to YesVideo at your local CVS store is DECEMBER 3RD!

Be sure to follow YesVideo on facebook and twitter for more deals, deadlines, and memory tips! You can use the hashtag #YesMemory on twitter or instagram and look for their #photoaday challenge! I’m attempting it this month 😉

yesvideo slideshow

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador for YesVideo. Visit www.facebook.com/yesvideo to join the conversation!

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