delicious pairings: Starbucks coffee and chocolate chip muffins

It’s no secret that I’m a coffee fiend. I write about it all.the.time. on here. I basically can’t survive without my morning cup and when we moved into our new house this week, I couldn’t find the Keurig. The first morning I packed the kids in the car and drove to my mom’s house to get my fix.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this week, it’s that I am one cranky b without my coffee.

I don’t usually like black coffee… I use creamers or I go for something flavored like a mocha. I heard that Walmart had designated coffee and muffin pairings AND with Starbucks coffee, my forever love. I visit Starbucks way too often, am a gold rewards card member, and have had my husband send me total monthly spendings just to show me how bad am (oops). So buying bagged Starbucks at the store is my second go-to and I looooove it.

starbucks at walmart

Unfortunately, my Walmart didn’t have the delicious pairings display up šŸ™ But I knew what coffee and what bakery items would go together and just hunted them down. In the bakery section, I bought some mini chocolate chip muffins and some snickerdoodle cookies. In the coffee aisle, I was going to buy the bagged ground Starbucks caffe verona, but they didn’t have it! So I bought the k-cups of that flavor instead… which is probably a better fit for our family anyway (I love my Keurig like a child).

starbucks k-cups

Now to try it out!!! I did finally find all the parts to my Keurig, by the way. Today–6 days after moving in. It was a bright-light-hallelujah kind of moment. Just so you know.

I could hardly wait to try the Starbucks–I’d never had this flavor before and I wouldn’t usually buy a “dark” roast.


The muffins and cookies look yummy, right? My toddler was like, “WHAT’S THAT?! What is that, mommy?! Can I have one?!” And I was like “uuhhhhmmmmm….. yea….. I mean, I guess…… I can share ONE…… because…… thesearemommy’s!” I can share. Really.

Mmmm… can you smell it?!


Om nom nom. First, I tried the coffee by itself. Notice I didn’t add any creamer!!! I just wanted to try the flavor of the Caffe Verona. And for someone that doesn’t like black coffee and wouldn’t typically buy a dark roast… I thought this was REALLY good! Like, I’d actually drink it black. Who knew I LIKED strong and dark coffee?! After a few sips though the bitterness of the coffee was getting to me.

coffee pairings

So then I tried it with the cookies and the muffins (yea, both, don’t judge). They instantly took the bitterness taste away and I had sip after bite after sip after bite…Ā 

And then I called my husband over and said YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS. “Try what?? Coffee? Why? I don’t like coffee.” JUST TRY IT.

And for someone that doesn’t like coffee at all, he said it was “pretty good.”

If you’d like to try the Starbucks Caffe Verona coffee, definitely try it with some sweets like I did. Its complimentary notes are milk and dark chocolate andĀ caramelizedĀ sugar.

I’m going on a marathon shopping trip tomorrow in downtown Chicago with my mom… my day will definitely be starting with this. I don’t think there’s anything better to get you through the crazy holiday shopping season! A little snack in the car between stores or a bite on the go and a travel mug of deliciousness.

What’s your favorite coffee & treat pairing?

starbucks coffee

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