HGG: VivaTerra home for the holidays


VivaTerra in Italian means “living Earth.” This online shop has a great selection of unique gifts, fine goods, handcrafted and elegant items. I could browse through their store all day! I’ve found a ton of things I’d love to have and here are some of my favorites:


Right now VivaTerra is hosting “Home For The Holidays.” For 25 days there will be one product each day that’s 50% off! They’re featuring some of their top selling items from 2012 so you know it’s awesome stuff! Each week they’ll have a different theme, too, like Seasonal Decor or Get Ready for Guests.

You  better get over there and check it out now–they’re already on Day 15! But that’s still 10 more deals of great products and amazing prices (Monday-Friday). Today they had the popular Riverstone Mat (it sold out!) and tomorrow are gorgeous recycled glass balloon vases for $39.

I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next the rest of the 10 days! If you don’t want to miss a thing, make sure you sign up for their daily deal email reminders.

VivaTerra sells exquisite, eco, artisan products from all over the world –always with a sense of luxury and a splash of Zen. It is the trusted brand that consumers count on for socially responsible and organically sourced products for the home. Every product is made from recycled or environmentally friendly materials ­ many of which are exclusive to VivaTerra. The company is inspired by a dedication to living in harmony with nature and the hope to inspire others who value style and quality in a more natural environment.

To never miss a thing, check out VivaTerra on facebook, twitter, and pinterest! Happy shopping! 🙂

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