it’s a list-makers dream… {giveaway}

I recently discovered and got to try out a site called Jooners. It’s basically an online signup sheet to make event planning or scheduling easier and more efficient. The idea is to share it with others that can volunteer to sign up for work shifts, dishes to bring to a dinner, party supplies, etc… but I’ll be honest–I’ve used the site to make a list just for myself. Meaning I sign up for everything on it, haha. What can I say, I’m a list maker! And I found a new place to write my lists!

I’ve used Jooners to create a few signup sheets so I’m familiar with the process and can share it with you. It’s REALLY easy. I do have a premium membership (provided to me by Jooners), but they do have a free version, too (which is what I used first!).

online signup sheet

Create your signup sheet. Are you planning an event and want volunteers to sign up for shifts or offer to bring items to a party or food to a dinner? Maybe it’s a birthday party or snack sign-up for your kids’ class or sports team. A local organization you’re a member of? SOOO many possibilities. OR are you aiming to collect information from friends? Maybe times they’re available for an event or their preference for party locations, food ideas, etc.

online signup sheet

The first sheet I created was for our annual “Blogger Baby Shower” that’s held during the big BlogHer conference and will be in Chicago next year. I collaborate with two other bloggers on this so Jooners is a great place for us to share tasks. Add details, location, a photo, etc.

online signup sheet

Then you set up the details for your event. We are still in the early planning stages so I picked our main tasks… we need someone to pick and book a venue for our event, a cause to dedicate our party to, someone to  be in charge of decor, 3 people to work on securing event sponsors, and someone to work on food. I added little notes by each one so the ladies would have an idea of what I meant or what we needed once I emailed it out to them. I could have assigned the volunteers to each item on my own OR I can let them sign up for the ones they want.

 online signup sheet

Okay, another one I made was for Thanksgiving dinner! It’s always at my mom’s house, but a few of us bring dishes to share so I made this to help everyone keep track. I created it the same way as the above Baby Shower event and then I emailed it to my mom. She got to log in and sign up for the food she was making and then she asked me if I could send it to my Aunt… she loved it! What an EASY way to keep things organized! And when my mom forgot “who’s bringing the cheese?!” she just jumped on Jooners to double check!

online signup sheet

This is what it looks like for the people I email my sheet to. My mom, my aunt, and my grandma entered their name and email in the bar at the bottom and then they were able to enter it into the boxes by the food they wanted to bring. They could also sign up to get a reminder email before the event.

As a premium member, I can be notified when volunteers sign up on my sheet. You can also allow volunteers to change their commitments and make it private so volunteers are unable to see what others signed up for.

This is what you get once you’ve signed up for something as a volunteer. I really like that you can add it to your google calendar with a simple click.

online signup sheet

One thing that I’d like to see Jooners add to this is the capability to “promote” a volunteer to admin. I created the Thanksgiving sheet, but my mom wanted certain food items added to it. She had to call me and tell me what to add since she wasn’t able to as a volunteer. I would have promoted her as a co-host or admin or whatever you want to call it, if I could.

Other than that, I think this new site is super functional and easy. You can add lines to your lists, reorganize them, add new category titles, get email updates and reminders…

WANT IT?! Simply head over to Jooners and give the free version a try! A premium membership allows more options and is available for $49.95 for one year.

GIVEAWAY: I have TWO premium memberships to give away! Two super lucky readers will each win a one-year premium membership to Jooners!

~I was provided with a premium one-year membership and courtesy items to facilitate this post, but all opinions and screenshots are 100% mine.

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