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bath sets for kids

I recently discovered CassaDecor and love their selection of modern home decor and luxury bed and bath linens. So many great products to choose from! We’re doing some decorating at our new house and right now I’m focusing on our master bathroom so I’m excited to have found CassaDecor.

For my review, we were sent some towels from the ADORABLE sets pictured above: Bambini Merry Meadow and Pirates. For my holiday gift guide, I posted the Merry Meadow photo on the left and it got a great reaction from my facebook fans! It is adorable, right?! So is the pirate one!

pirate towel

I love the bath towels because they’re BIG! Ryan has outgrown most of this towels… we still use them, but they don’t reach his feet and he doesn’t like that. This one is perfect! We also got a printed wash towel and embroidered hand towel of each set. You can have either option for all towel sizes–I like having a mix.

towels for kids

They’re 100% Egyptian cotton and they’re great quality… nice and thick and one side is really soft and the other side is more absorbent (but still soft!). I’d love to have the entire bathroom set of each design for both my kids because they’re so cute! But my kids share a bathroom so they share a mix of bathroom decor. I don’t mind mixing up sets and actually think these two go quite well together.

kids bath towels

Love them! So… you can probably tell in my photo above that the whites turned pink. That would be my husband… doing the laundry… and washing them on the wrong settings (with other clothes, also now pink). Don’t do that 😉

The towels range in price from $8.95 to $18.95 and you can find them on CassaDecor along with many other wonderful decor products! Make sure you check them out on facebook and twitter, too!

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