HGG: 2012 Hess Toy Truck

hess toy truck

Newly launched on November 9th, the 2012 Hess Toy Truck is this awesome Helicopter and Rescue set! The Hess Toy Truck has been a holiday tradition since 1964 and is one of the longest running toy brands on the market. You know you’re getting quality, durable toys with Hess! This set is no different… we love them!

hess toy truck

I was pretty excited that these came with batteries, haha, ohhh it’s the little things. Anyway, they light up, they move, they make noise… the rotors spin, the landing gear moves up and down… Ryan let out a loud squeal when he saw these!

The helicopter has buttons for 3 different sounds: ignition, take-off, and fly by. There are searchlights and lights that flash or stay on, motorized main and tail rotors, and… my favorite part (I mean…. my son’s, haha)… push-buttons that release the cargo bay door for the rescue truck!

hess toy truck

Pretty cool, right? My son (almost 3) loves making the rotors spin, “taking off,” ¬†and putting the truck in and out of the helicopter… again and again. and again, lol. It keeps him busy, that’s for sure, and it’s durable so it will last.

You can check out the entire collection since 1964 online–it’s really cool to see what they’ve released each year and the changes in styles. Own some of them? Add them to your online collection and share with friends!

hess toy truck collection

For the first time you can buy the Hess Toy Truck online for $26.99. Make sure you follow Hess Toy Truck on facebook, twitter, and google+!

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