HGG: ALEX Toys arts & craft time!

kids paint set

We love ALEX Toys–I first discovered them when Ryan was little and they quickly became one of our favorites. They’re a brand name I trust with products I continuously look for. We have quite a few of them! For our review and 2012 holiday gift guide we were sent the My Wall Easel and My First Painting Set. Something for both kids!

art easel for kids

Ryan loves arts and craft time and he especially loves to paint… but he hates to get messy. He doesn’t like stuff on his fingers and he has to stop and wash his hands or clean up messes before he continues. That’s why I love this easel. It hangs on the wall and has four cups to hold the paint, paintbrushes, and water (or whatever else you want). Ryan can stand, dip his brushes in the cups without having to hold them (and risk getting paint on his hands! eeek!), and stay clean while having a blast.

art easel for kids

You can use it as a chalkboard or use the big paper roll at the top for drawing, painting, or anything else. Ryan likes using the paper best. It slides easily under the red cutting bar at the bottom to stay in place and then rips right off. Don’t worry, the red bar “cuts,” but isn’t sharp.

All four cups remove for easy washing and the bottom right photo above shows the hanging hardware. You simply screw the wooden bar into the wall (and use the mounting hardware if you need it) and then hang your easel on that bar. Makes it super easy to remove at any time if you need to clean it!

paint set for kids

The painting set is awesome, too, I think it’s a must for every kid! There are 3 brushes with big handles that make them easy for little hands to hold, 3 non-spill paint cups (trust me, you need no-spill cups because they WILL get knocked over), and 3 bottles of washable paint to get you started. We haven’t used our set yet because we’re going to let Rebecca paint away as a Christmas gift, but my mom has these products that she bought for Ryan and we use them all the time. Like I said – a must for every kid!

You can get the wall easel at ALEX Toys for $65.95 and the painting set for $27.95! Make sure you check out all the products at ALEX Toys and find them on facebook, twitter, and pinterest! Enjoy 🙂

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