my baby boy is three

As I typed that title, “my baby boy is three,” all I could imagine is how quickly the next numbers will come… “my baby boy is four” or “my baby boy is ten.” Every year seems to go by faster and every day I look at you I can tell how much bigger you are getting. It’s bittersweet… you’re at such a fun age (you know, when it’s not a difficult age, lol)… you tell the best stories, we talk all the time, you’re such a sweetheart, and you’re always making me laugh. I tell you often that you can’t get any older (ah, something I remember my parents telling me all the time) and it always makes me teary because, unfortunately, I don’t have the magical powers to make you stay 3 forever.

maternity photos

So much has happened over the past year. You became a big brother… and announced, “She came out!” when you saw Rebecca for the first time on the day she was born. And as much as you play your role as the big brother that loves to pick on his little sister, you also play the adoring and protective big brother perfectly. You even try to feed her 😉

newborn photos

We had a great summer… weekends at the Lakehouse, swimming at my parents’, playing at the children’s museum, going to baseball games, visiting the waterpark… you even got a short haircut to make you look like a super big boy–that was hard for mom!

big boy

I love my conversations with you, lil man. You’re my BFF, my shopping and cooking partner, my buddy, my Ry-Guy… You went through your phase of using the word actually. “ACTUALLY, mom, I’m going to play for ten more minutes before bed.” “ACTUALLY, dad, you need to come over here and play with me.”


I caught this totally cute video of you using another favorite term, “totally ridiculous.” You spent some time this year learning the rules of the road and instructing your dad and I how to drive. “Green means go! You can turn right on red, mom. Can you go faster?” Your new favorite word, like most toddlers, is “Why?”

Me: Ryan, I’m going to put Rebecca down for a nap, I’ll be right back.
Ryan: Why?
Me: Because she’s tired.
Ryan: Why?
Me: Because she had a busy morning and she’s feeling sleepy so she needs a nap, just like you take naps, too.
Ryan:  Well…. why does she need a nap?
Me: So she wakes up happy. Everyone feels better after a nap.
Ryan: Why?
Me: Ryan. I will be right back. 😀

Ohhhh, it’s fun, really! Sometimes it’s so fun that I tell you to go ask your dad, haha.

mom and son

You’re an absolute sweetheart. You love giving hugs and kisses (to everyone) and you’re very concerned to see anyone crying or upset. The other day we were playing at a bounce house place and a little boy fell and started crying. You immediately stopped jumping and watched him, followed him out of the bounce house, and walked up to rub his back with a very concerned look on your face. You’re a very aware, kind, and sensitive little boy. I am always so proud of you.


You love playing with your toy cars and ride-on toys, we got you a Gator for your birthday. You still love trains and Elmo, but you’ve discovered new loves–Curious George and dinosaurs (your birthday party theme this year), Batman and Spider-Man, books of all kinds, building blocks, and games on the iPad.

day out with thomas

You recently sat through your first movie! No, we haven’t gone to a theater yet, but your cousin slept over and we watched Finding Nemo! You made it almost through the whole thing. So now you like looking through the DVDs and picking out something for “movie night.”


You’re really close with your grandmas and grandpas–we’re pretty lucky you have two sets nearby that love you very much! An aunt, uncles, and cousins, too… and let’s not forget all the great aunts and great uncles–you have a big family that cares a lot about you.


We are very happy to be back in town, around all our family, and can’t wait for the next year with you, Ryan. Every day I see you grow. Every day I see you learn new things. Every day you amaze me. I’m excited about all the fun to come… we have big plans for age 3, Ryan. It’ll be another year of firsts…we’ll go bowling and mini-putting, to the movies, you’ll start preschool and have play dates with friends… I can’t wait to see your new favorite things and watch you become an even bigger (baby) boy. But you can stay three forever.

birthday boy

Ryan on his 3rd birthday (and not feeling well)

I’ll like you forever, I’ll love you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.

We love you to the moon and back 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times,
<3 mom and dad

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