Traveling? Try The Parking Spot! {giveaway}

My brother has lived in Colorado for the past 9 years and I don’t think I get to see him nearly often enough! He flew home for Christmas last month and even though he only got to stay for a few days, I was excited to spend some time with him and for my kids to get to know their Uncle!

Traveling, especially around the holidays, can be a hassle. I’m up forĀ anything that makes it easier so when I heard about The Parking Spot, I told my brother to try it out. It’s an off-site parking lot with a handy shuttle to take you to and from the airport.

the parking spot

The lot is open all the time and you can choose open air or covered parking–some locations also have valet parking available. My brother arrived at The Parking Spot in Denver, CO, on December 23rd–busy time to travel!

He reserved his parking spot online ahead of time–you can do this up until midnight the day before. You don’t HAVE to register in advance, but he didn’t want to risk not getting a spot because of the busy time of year for travel. It all went smoothly and he parked his jeep there Sunday evening.

the parking spot

He was in a hurry to get to the airport and catch his flight so we don’t have too many photos, but he said they directed him to an open spot and the shuttle picked him up immediately, right at his jeep! They’ll help you with your luggage, too. The shuttle then picks up anyone else that may have just arrived before heading to the airport to drop you off at your terminal. Easy!

the parking spot

On the way home, my brother walked out of the airport to wait for the shuttle. It’s a Spotted Shuttle so you can’t miss it! Lucky for him, it arrived right at that exact moment so he didn’t have to wait at all. The website says the shuttles run every 5-7 minutes so you’re never waiting long, but my brother said the other travelers told him they had been standing there waiting for the Spotted Shuttle for 30 minutes.

Now we get to some issues…. I’m sure it’s because of the very busy holiday travel time, but my brother was on the shuttle for over an hour as it dropped every person off directly at their car. Since he parked there right before Christmas and was at the back of the lot, he was the last person off. I think it’s very nice service to be dropped off directly at your parking spot, but seems a bit crazy to have to ride around in the lot for over an hour to get there… I would have requested to get off and walk, haha. Maybe during the holidays they should have more shuttles running?

the parking spotthe parking spot in Denver, CO–spotted shuttle in the open air parking

Overall, it was a nice service and it was convenient to be dropped off and picked up at the terminal. The prices are fair and my brother could travel without worry, knowing his Jeep was parked somewhere safe. They even offer a free newspaper if you arrive before 9am or a bottle of water on your way out… you can also get a Spot Club card if you travel frequently for faster check-in and -out.

Check out all The Parking Spot locations:

the parking spot

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader is going to win a WEEK of parking at any of The Parking Spot locations! Please use the form below to enter–good luck!

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