a day in the life of Ryan

Oh, my big 3 year old! He’s always so full of energy (how many cups of coffee does it take me to keep up with him?) and spends all day playing. He’s getting into the imaginative stage and I love listening to his stories… sometimes I start laughing because he’s hilarious, but then he stops and says, “Don’t laugh at me!”  Ooops!

We’re on a waiting list for a “preschool” that’s just one or two mornings a week… mainly because I think he needs the play and interaction! He’s never been in daycare and we don’t have many kids his age around. Rebecca is better about being able to play with him now–they’re actually playing together right now, which is why I’m able to write this post–ha!

So… a day in the life…

Starts something like this in the mornings… Ryan comes and jumps in my bed when he wakes up and we cuddle for a bit. Rebecca usually sleeps later, but when she is up, it’s just a giant hug (with the cat):

kids and cat

Then it’s up and the typical morning stuff: change diapers and clothes (unless it’s a “pajama kinda day,” says Ryan), nurse, brush teeth, and get breakfast. If we have plans for the day, it’s usually in the morning because lunch-time naps cut into anything in the afternoon… so if we’re going somewhere, it’s now. Up and out the door!

But when we’re home… there might be some train time in the basement:

wooden train tracks

Or maybe some craft time… the other morning Ryan spent an HOUR cutting scraps of paper with scissors. An hour?!! That’s CRAZY LONG in toddler time. And for me? It was an eternity of heaven, haha. And hey, sometimes we actually make things 😉

kids scissors

There might be some game time on the iPad or some George or Thomas on TV… then it’s about lunch time. If I’m lucky, lunch is followed by nap time. But we usually have a little bit more play time first…

There’s a pile of games Ryan likes to rotate through. There are Thomas memory cards, a Curious George puzzle pack, chutes and ladders, candy land, and this Thomas board game… we hardly ever play by the rules. Well, we play by “Ryan’s Rules.”

thomas board game

The nearby gymnastics academy has an open gym for one hour 4 days a week… we try to get there once in awhile, Ryan loves it. Rebecca is starting to explore, too. Great for these cold winter days!

toddler gymnastics

Ohhh, BLOCKS! Another awesome toy (for both kids). Ryan likes to build towers and houses and monsters… Rebecca likes to eat them (haha) and throw them! Now, if I can get them to play with the same toy TOGETHER, that’s a successful day. See Ryan’s face in the photo below? It’s saying “No! Why is her hand in my toy bucket!” We either pull out some legos for kids (we like the bigger duplo ones) or foam building blocks (so when the kids throw them at each other, it’s not so bad, lol).

big legos

I try to end my day (meaning before Steve gets home from work) with a toy like this, that keeps both kids occupied so that I can make dinner and pick up the house a bit. You know, the “4pm cleanup” before the husband gets home 😉

Dinner time is followed by playtime with Dad, whooo! He likes to take them to the basement playroom so I usually get some alone time to work online at night. Bedtime. Sleep. Repeat the next day. I can’t wait for warmer weather to get outside more often!

What are your children’s favorite toys?

angry birds blanket

brought to you by Tesco, but the story is still my own!

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