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Have you heard of GaiamTV yet? It’s like the Netflix of the health world. There’s a huge online library of over 2000 streaming video titles–fitness videos, documentaries, thought-provoking films–and you can watch anytime!

Right now GaiamTV is having a 30-day Connect 2 Happiness challenge. I’ve signed up! It’s pretty cool… you just sign up with your name and email and you get an email every day for 30 days with an inspiring quote and exercises to do. For example, Day 1 was “Stop. Look. Listen.” and it had me think about what makes me happy or what I’m passionate about…. sometimes that’s easy to forget after having kids!!!…. and then I thought about how to bring that back into my life… to do MORE of what makes me happy. It really was calming and helped me set some goals.



Have you made it one of your New Year’s resolutions to be healthier in 2013? Happier? I think those are both things everyone could use a little more of in their life! If so, you should definitely check out GaiamTV and their library of videos. Here are some details:

You can watch GaiamTV anywhere, at any time. On your computer or laptop, smartphone, iPad, or TV! You can connect your computer to your TV or you can watch through a Roku or Apple TV device. It’s coming soon to more: PlayStation, Google TV, Android, Panasonic, LG Smart TVs, and Sony! We have the LG Smart TVs so I’m excited about that!


Want to try it out? You can for FREE for 10 days! Then it’s $9.95 a month for unlimited streaming content. There’s no commitment so you can cancel whenever you want, too.

What videos will you find? With over 2000 titles you get a little bit of everything! There’s all levels of fitness videos with yoga, cardio, pilates, dance, even Jillian Michaels! There are exploration type videos on nature, science, travel, and culture. There are videos on spirituality and metaphysics and personal development (relationships, success, self help, happiness, etc.). There really is something for everyone.

I hope you join me in the Connect 2 Happiness challenge… let’s start the New Year off the right way! Sometimes it just takes a little uplifting once a day to stay positive and this is quick and easy–even with two little kids running around your feet 😉

~disclosure: this post is brought to you by GaiamTV, but all opinions are my own!

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