New Year, New Home: My Wonderful Walls giveaway

Welcome to another great post for the New Year, New Home event I’m hosting with Amanda from Coping with Frugality and Elizabeth from Being MVP! We’re all working hard on our new houses with furniture, appliances, and decor, and we’re excited to share some new companies with you!

wall stickers

Today we’re talking decor! I love wall decals because they let you add color and fun to a room without committing–or needing the skill to paint, haha. We have some in the playroom and we want to add some more – like the planets, the alphabet, and “frames” for artwork.

I’ve been searching for  a tree decal for Rebecca’s room FOREVER. I mean, she’s almost one and I started looking while I was pregnant. My problem is that I’m super picky and I wanted it to be perfect… I’d pretty much given up until I found My Wonderful Walls! It’s adorable and I’m thrilled with it.

tree wall decal

This is the Spring Love Tree Wall Mural Sticker Kit–isnt’s it gorgeous?! Yea, I patted myself on the back, I think I did a pretty great job 😉

All the bedrooms in our new house (except the master) were painted with pink, purple, green, and blue stripes… it was done really well, but it’s a little overwhelming. We definitely want to paint the rooms, but haven’t gotten around to it yet…. SO I put this tree in the extra bedroom/playroom for now until we can get Rebecca’s room painted! The decals are easily removable so I’m not worried about transferring it.

tree decal

The decal came rolled up with some printed instructions and a photo. The tips were great–like how to point the leaves to make it look best and making sure the wall is clean before you apply the stickers. I rolled out the sheet and honestly was overwhelmed at the amount of stickers, haha. But you just have to start somewhere!

I really tried to follow the photo because I love the way they did it… and I definitely started out that way, placing the larger flowers in the same areas, etc., but by the end I just slapped stuff up anywhere! I filled in holes, tried to evenly space colors, and just had fun! It took me just over an hour, but I did do it myself… it’d go a lot faster if you had someone to help peel and stick.

striped paint

Here’s the BEFORE photo of our extra bedroom/playroom. It had one solid colored wall, the other walls are striped. We do want to paint this room, too, but might actually leave the color of the solid wall… so that’s where I put the tree.

The stickers are really easy to peel and apply. You can overlap them and it wasn’t an issue at all to remove one and place it somewhere else as the whole design came together. I often lifted up flowers to stick some green leaves under them… it has been up for a few days now and there’s no peeling or anything, it looks great and I LOVE IT!

flowers decal

I really like the decals from My Wonderful Walls because they aren’t vinyl… the stickers are a fabric material that are easy to peel and apply and are a great, thick texture. This decal has over 200 pieces and the website suggest it takes 30-40 minutes to apply… it did take me longer, but I may be a perfectionist and I MAY have been watching TV at the same time 😉

I am kind of dreading moving it to Rebecca’s bedroom once we paint, but not because the stickers will be hard to remove to replace or anything… but because there are so many pieces! Someday I’ll move it, haha. And if I don’t? Oh well, it looks great in the playroom, too, and Ryan likes it!

flower wall decal

You can see the stickers up-close here and where I overlapped them. At first I was nervous that you could kind of see through the stickers and see the decal underneath, but it’s super light and you can’t tell when you’re standing back to look at the whole thing. I definitely recommend My Wonderful Walls and will be looking to order from their site again!

You can get this same decal for $99.99–totally worth it!  My Wonderful Walls has tons to choose from–farms, bugs, fairies, monsters, animals, cars, and soooo much more. They even have stencils if you want to paint on your design and canvas art.

wall decals

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader is going to win a $200 gift card to use on anything they want at My Wonderful Walls! Please use the form below to enter.

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