Rebecca’s 11 months

11 months old

Dear baby girl,

You’re just a little sweetheart… the other day at the children’s museum another mom asked me if you were “7, maybe 8 months old?” You’re just a petite little girl, like your mama! You’re not walking yet, but you love standing and cruising along furniture or walking with a push toy. Just recently you’ve started attempting to stand unassisted! It won’t be too much longer!

11 months old

You also love to climb… you can go all the way up the stairs on your own (with someone right behind you, of course!), but you can’t yet go down the stairs… we’re trying to teach you to turn around and go down on your belly.

11 months old

We’ve finally moved you up from the sink bathtub to the REAL bathtub and you just had your first bath with Ryan! It was too ┬ácute and you loved splashing him. You love the water!


You’re eating just about everything now… you have 3 teeth on top (with the 4th coming through very slowly) and 2 teeth on bottom (with the 3rd almost out). You pretty much eat what we eat and with ~3 weeks until you’re 1 you’ve now had peanut butter, too. You LOVE to eat; I call you ┬ámy chunky monkey, haha, even though you aren’t chunky at all. We’ll probably try a sippy or straw cup soon, but haven’t had a need to yet… you’re still breastfeeding and we don’t plan on that stopping anytime soon.

baby led weaning

We’re getting ready for your Pretty In Pink birthday party! I have a box full of stuff I’ve been collecting for it and I can’t wait to see you dig into your birthday cake, haha. We’ve hired a photographer for family photos + your one year and cake smash pics.


You and Ryan like to play together… you crawl after him and he (sometimes) shares toys with you, haha. You love opening and closing doors (we need locks on the kitchen cabinets!) and your favorite toys are push walkers or ride-on toys you can push, anything small you can easily hold in your hand and put in your mouth or throw (blocks, balls, cars), the fisher price learning house that was Ryan’s, and the cats!

baby and cat

“Mom” or “mama” is used a lot when you are upset or want something and you say “hi” or mimic sounds other people make. You go to bed around 6pm, wake up anywhere between 1am and 4am to nurse, then sleep till 7-8am. You’re still in size 12 month clothes, like you have been for months, and I think you’ll be in it a bit longer, too, little peanut! Your hair is getting a little longer, but not really thicker, and I’ll guess you’re about 19-20 lbs?


You’re totally a daddy’s girl. When you hear him get home from work you crawl faster than ever to the door with a huge smile and then you sit and bounce until he picks you up. He always gets the giggles out of you!

I can’t believe you’re almost a year… where’d my babies go?!?!?! If you were cuddly I’d probably leave you in my lap for the next 3 weeks–but you love to move and play! Mama already has to let you go!

We love you to the moon and back 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times,
<3 Mama, Daddy, and Ryan

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