Valentine’s Day: who spends more?


RetailMeNot is a great resource for online coupon codes and exclusive offers, especially when shopping for this Valentine’s Day! I don’t know about you, but I search for coupons EVERY time before making an online purchase.

So… when I found out from RetailMeNot that men spend more on Valentine’s Day than women, I wasn’t surprised… I mean, I bargain shop! I look for coupons! My husband? Is probably running out after work ON Valentine’s Day to buy the most marked-up expensive gift or bouquet of flowers left at the store… right?! Haha.

But for real–check out these numbers: The average person in a relationship plans to spend $226 for Valentine’s Day 2013.

Whhhhat?! So that’d be a total of $452 per couple? That sounds crazy! Okay I suppose we were going to get away for one night at a hotel in Lake Geneva, but I used a groupon for the hotel room… even with a fancy dinner out and some small town shopping we wouldn’t be spending over $400.

Okay some more numbers: Men are far outspending women in their Valentine’s gift giving by $123 (men: $287 vs. women: $164).

That’s because men are harder to shop for and flowers, chocolates, and jewelry add up 😛

No really, are we doing this Valentine’s thing wrong?! I’ll tell ya what I got for the husband this year: cookies I made myself (“I love you because…”), a coupon book for $20, and a DIY “I Love You” picture frame. I’ll let ya know what I get, but I’m guessing flowers and chocolates–can’t go wrong!

Whether you’re looking to woo your honey with a dozen red roses, a box of chocolates, or a weekend getaway, we’ve compiled this much-loved list of special 2013 Valentine’s Day coupon codes and exclusive offers so you can get it all for less…. LESS THAN $226, PEOPLE!

vday sweepstakes

Be sure to enter the RetailMeNot Share the Love Sweepstakes for a chance to win something nice for Valentine’s Day. Click here to enter and don’t forget to make and share a fun Valentine’s Day card with your Facebook photos after you submit your entry!

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