Me at 6 years old: YesVideo transfer services with CVS

I love watching our old family videos. I’m sure there was a time I found them boring (or embarrassing, ha), but now I love them… I see my own kids in my brother and me; Ryan especially looks like my brother Jeff when he was little. However, all our old family videos are on VHS! Eeek. We don’t have a VHS player at all, but  my parents still do… probably just for this very reason! But they only worsen in quality over the years and my mom is making an effort to get everything transferred over to digital files and DVD.

As a YesVideo ambassador I got to try out their photo and video transfer services. My mom has actually used them before and she ordered online. There are also many locations where you can drop off your materials in your city–25 stores in my zip code alone! I chose the CVS store less than a mile from my house.

video transfer services

It was really easy to go through the steps online for my order. I selected my media type (VHS tapes), got to name my DVDs, select a theme (children), and see the total payment. I was then given a form to print out and bring to the store with me.

VHS transfer services

I sent in two VHS tapes. If your tape is under 2 hours it’ll be transferred to one DVD. If it’s 2+ hours, you have the option of transferring only the first 2 hours OR having YesVideo divide it onto two DVDs (for the extra DVD charge). Both of my tapes were over 2 hours each and I opted to split them so I was expecting 4 DVDs in return.

So check out my 6-year-old self…. do I look like Ryan or Rebecca?!?! These photos are of the TV when we were previewing the VHS tapes, haha. I couldn’t wait to get them on DVD!

funny faces

If you don’t have a printer (or time to do the online ahead of time), no worries! The store has a kiosk at the photo area where you can go through the exact same procedure. I went to check out with my tapes and printed forms and the cashier knew exactly what to do from there… he pulled out a YesVideo plastic shipping bag, filled out some info, and my form and tapes went in. I asked him when they’d be shipped out to YesVideo and he said the next day!

photo transfer services

You pay when you pick up your finished products in case YesVideo was unable to transfer anything or in case they needed to split your media onto multiple DVDs, etc. It takes a few weeks, but YesVideo updated me by email every step of the way! I was notified when they received my order at their office, when the online sharing feature was available, and when my DVDs were shipped back to CVS for me.

Then I got a phone call from CVS that my DVDs (and original VHS tapes) were in and I got to go pick them up!


I love them! They have the “children” theme and the front and back are covered with the Chapters included on the DVD so you get a little screenshot of everything. The first chapter is also a slideshow type thing of short clips of your entire DVD.

These are only 2 of my DVDs from one of my VHS tapes… YesVideo was unable to transfer the other tape because of poor quality. They tried multiple times, but couldn’t get a quality image… so of course I wasn’t charged for those and YesVideo checked in with me about it, awesome customer service.

And now, for your viewing pleasure… me at 6 years old… from YesVideo’s new super amazing online sharing feature! I was singing “Oh Christmas Tree” and you’ll NEVER guess what I got as a present for Christmas that year!!! ……. wait for it…… a LITE-BRITE!!!


vhs transfer to dvd


Do you have a ton of VHS tapes (or other media) you need transferred to DVD? Check out YesVideo’s services, which include the ability to easily share online (and even EASIER with their new iPhone/iPad app!)

~This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador for YesVideo. All photos and opinions and memories are my own! Visit www​.facebook​.com/​y​e​s​video to join the conversation.

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