Teres Kids: 100% organic & made in the USA!

I looooove clothes shopping for my kids. I always joke that they have nicer clothes than me and it’s true! I’d much rather spend my money on them than on myself and I head straight to the kids department when I walk in a store… sometimes I think I may have a problem lol. But when I see how cute they look in the things I find, I just can’t help it!

I recently discovered Teres Kids and loved it right off the bat because they use 100% organic cotton and it’s all made right here in the US. The fabric is woven by a family-owned mill in South Carolina! Oh – and it’s cute, of course 😉 It has been bookmarked as a favorite!

teres kids

Teres Kids wanted kids to be comfortable while staying active so they made clothing without tags and got rid of rough fabrics and itchy seams. I was sent a plain short-sleeve t-shirt in a blue color, very similar in style to the plain long-sleeve.

teres kids

I’d say Ryan looks like a little stud in his shirt 🙂 I love it and so does he–he calls it his “soft one” when I pull it out. He also likes to comment on seams and the edges that “roll.”

We also received the Vertical Ruffle Dress in the cocoa color for Rebecca. It’s a bit big on her yet, but it’s adorable! It has ivory colored ruffles going down the middle that are too cute. The dress also comes in pink, gold, or charcoal. I’ll be sure to share a pic of her when it fits a bit better–although I supposed it’d make extra comfy pjs right now! Or once she can walk it can be a long dress (but she can’t crawl in it).

ruffle dress

There’s one HUGE reason I adore brands like Teres Kids…. the products are QUALITY. These clothes will easily last for a long time. They’re very durable (and still soft!) and very well made. I well definitely be back shopping again… look at some of their other products I love… the ruffle skirt and the belted sweater and MUST-HAVES!!! AHhhhhh, so cute.

teres kids

You can sign up for the Teres Kids newsletter (on the right side… I did!) to get updates on sales and events and you can find them on twitter and facebook! Enjoy 🙂

teres kids

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