Bissell CleanView Bagless Vacuum Cleaner review

The majority of our home is carpeted with the exception of a few hardwood or tile floors in our porch, kitchen, and bathrooms. With two kids AND two cats, we are vacuuming all.the.time. Rebecca is learning to eat, which means food ends up all over the floor and our cats have medium-length hair that sheds like crazy.

I have a harder time finding a vacuum I like because I’m short. A lot of vacuums are too big, too heavy, and too hard to maneuver around the house. We recently received the BISSELL CleanView Vacuum to review and so far, I really like. It has replaced our previous vacuum (that we moved to the upstairs) because it’s much lighter and easier to move around. Plus, I think it works better. You can really hear it sucking up the debris in your carpet.


Love the purple 🙂 So one of the main features of this vacuum is the OnePass Technology™ that cleans more on the first pass with its powerful suction and innovative brush design that rotates down into the carpet. Faster cleaning??? Do you know what that means for me, as a mom of two?! It means less time spent listening to Rebecca cry (she does not like when we vacuum!) and more time spent with my kids or ((gasp!)) with my feet up!


The vacuum comes with a few attachments: a TurboBrush (for stairs, furniture, etc), crevice tool (for small spaces), dusting brush (for curtains, fans, etc), and extension wand. They all easily store on the back of the vacuum.

It was really easy to put together and I did it myself. I really like the grip on the handle and that it’s slim to easily fit in your hand. I also like the handle on the top of the dirt tank that makes the vacuum really easy to move around. The foot pedal releases the vacuum to 3 different positions–it locks in a standing position for storage or when using attachments, it lowers for normal vacuuming, and it goes further to reach under things like beds and chairs. I like this feature because I can get under my kitchen table and chairs without having to move a bunch of furniture around.

It has a dial on the front to adjust the settings for your floor. The vacuum works best on carpet, but you can set it down to bare floors and up to high carpet. I keep it on the middle setting for our carpet and set it on bare floor or the next one up for our kitchen hardwoods and porch tile. It works great on all of them.


Ohhh, one of my FAVORITE features: the hook on the back of the handle for the cord! You can see it on the bottom left photo in the collage above. Don’t you hold the cord out of the way while you’re vacuuming? Now you can hook it on the handle and it keeps it out of your way…. seriously, it’s the little things. I love this, it’s genius!

The dirt tank has two filters, a “fill” line to let you know when to empty it, and a super easy bottom release. You push a button to lift the whole tank and another to release the bottom to dump the dirt in the trash… no mess, no dirty hands.

The picture on the left below is the brand new, clean vacuum with an empty dirt tank. I then vacuumed my entire main floor (family room, living room, dining room, tile kitchen floor, and tile front entryway). The picture on the right below is the after photo! Dude… and we vacuum frequently, I swear! That photo is almost embarrassing. The tank is about at the fill line… time to empty! I’m glad I could do the entire floor though before it was full.


You can get this same BISSELL CleanView Vacuum for $79.99. Enjoy! 🙂

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for BISSELL. I received a product sample to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

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