Interior decorating HELP! part 1 ;)

Having a new house to decorate is fun, but oh my gosh it’s hard. I don’t think I realized how bad I was at interior decorating… I mean, I know what I like, I can look through magazines or at websites and pin away my favorite looks. The yellow and gray, the trendy chevron prints, the neutral colors…. but implementing any ideas in my own house?! HELP!

A magazine or website has a whole room put together… obviously it looks perfect. But to find each piece to make up your room in your house? Hard. To find the right shapes and sizes and colors? Hard. I have a massive color wheel of every paint color EVER and it’s just simply overwhelming. I’d say half our house needs to be painted–all bedrooms, the kitchen, the bathrooms in the master, main floor, and basement…. and I don’t even know how to start.

interior decoratingRyan’s room on the left and the guest bedroom on the right… great paint jobs, but not for us! 😛

My plan right now is to just keep saving and pinning images of rooms and products I like… and slowly acquiring the items we need. Our previous house was smaller so we need a lot more furniture and stuff to fill this one.

We have ideas:

  • the “dining room” will be an office: we’re looking for a large office suite type desk and a cozy armchair
  • the living room will be a cozy quiet room: we’re thinking comfy reclining chairs, a table, and lots of bookcases – oh and a wall of family photos
  • the family room needs shelves on either side of the fireplace and we need a TV stand
  • our master bedroom needs a dresser and end tables (and I’d like a small desk in there)
  • the other spaces are pretty much done: the kids’ rooms, extra bedroom, porch, and basement

interior decoratingFamily room on the left (want shelving by fireplace) and “dining room” on the right where we want an office (right now it’s a catch-all for junk)

We even need to pick out some curtains. It’s in most contracts when you buy a new home that all window furnishings stay with the house (we left most of ours behind at our old house), but the previous owners specifically wrote in that they’d be taking theirs with them. Fine. But now we have bare windows and I’m pretty sure my neighbors out the front windows have seen me with no pants on?!

interior decoratingOur two front rooms (living room on left, dining room/office on right) that need window furnishings

They did leave these awesome cordless wooden blinds in the kitchen and I THINK we want matching ones on the front windows. My mom thinks they’re too casual looking, but we’re not doing any “formal” dining room or anything… I like casual… is it unusual to put wooden window blinds in the front rooms?! I guess instead of something more sheer or just curtains…. I.hate.picking out curtains, it’s impossible, so I let’s just skip it 😉

interior decorating

Pretty, right? I love them. You just pull them down or push them back up, no cords. There are 2 short cords near the top, however, to open or close the blinds. So let’s start with the windows… and in my next post(s) I’ll ask for more interior decorating advice for the rest of the house, once I get some more ideas! 

SO – opinions – would you put those in your front windows? Or should I look for something lighter? Fancy curtains? I clearly have no interior decorating skills. I think I should hire someone, lol.


8 comments to Interior decorating HELP! part 1 ;)

  • Personally I like those types of blinds but I also realllly like Roman Shades and think those would work better same sorta concept but def a lighter feeling.

    And OH MY on Ryan’s room and the guest room, that is quite colorful!


  • You have really pretty windows. I would personally go with long drapped curtains that tie at the sides, instead of blinds.


  • Beth

    I really love your wooden blinds in the kitchen! I agree with Christa and Hanan, as you know. There are other kinds of blinds/shades that are beautiful. However, they are expensive and so are those wooden blinds. Picking out curtains takes FOREVER! I learned from Aunt Diane that you just have to buy them, bring them home and try them out even though you may be taking 5 trips back and forth to the store. (JCPenney’s is one of the best!) We spent 1000’s on your shades and custom made valances and I don’t think I’d ever do that again. You find you want to change them and if you spend so much, you are stuck for years and years! 🙂 I know you already know all this. 😉


  • deb

    Love the blinds and I dont think they are too casual. By the way…I hate decorating. I can never find all the pieces I want.


  • Mary Beth Elderton

    I love these wooden blinds and may actually use them on a window in he front room of our new (older) home! If you feel these are too heavy for the room, look at some of the lighter wood colors. As for needing something “formal”…who does “formal” anymore? The best homes I’ve visited are casual and comfortable.


  • Kirsten M

    May not be too helpful, but I would say go with what feels right. It’s amazing how many different looks a house can have when different people are decorating it.

    For example, in the house we used to live in we had the living room as the “dogs room,” and music room (with piano), dining room as a study, and family room (with fireplace) with the comfy chairs and bookshelves of a family room. Then we rented it out fit a couple of years, and wow did it ever look different (but great). The former dogs room became a cozy den (and even though it was to the left when you walked in I would say that your style of wooden blinds would have totally worked in there). The study turned back into a formal dining room with china cabinetry, and the family room became an extended portion of the eat in kitchen (making for a “kitchen” that was about 20 x 40).

    Another thing to think about (although it is more planning)… But you Could have both blinds and curtains if you would like.

    Whatever you choose, enjoy yourselves, happy decorating! :).


  • Kirsten M

    Sorry for all the typing errors– using my phone.


  • Tammy S

    I like the wood blinds. The other things is that they never really go out of style. I have had the same white wood blinds in my house for 16 years now and trust me there has been plenty of other changes during that time. Not once though have we thought of changing the blinds. I say go for it. You are the one that lives there.


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