2013 Kia Optima SX Limited

In September last year we got to test out a Kia Sorento… loved it and the space it provided for our family of 4. Last month we got to give the Kia Optima a try. She (yea, it was a she!) was wonderful and I definitely miss her!


FIRST… let me tell you about these Kia guys. This amazing customer service. So they’re coming out to deliver this car to my house basically during a snow storm…. I’m outside playing in the snow with Ryan and Rebecca when I see them arrive. Our driveway? It’s a terribly annoying, worst-winter-driveway-EVER- hill. They can’t even get all 4 tires on the driveway in this slick and slippery snowfall. One wonderful man shoveled our driveway (seriously almost the whole thing) to clear a path while the other gentleman did not give up. Ryan took a seat in the snow to watch the whole ordeal, haha, and he cheered when they made it up! Anyway…. it was awesome. THEY were awesome. I told them they could leave it on the street, but they insisted and were so nice!


So anyway, on to the car! I like fast cars. I feel the need… the need for speed… don’t give me a 4-cylinder. This Kia Optima? Yea, it’s a 4… BUT it’s what they call a 4-cylinder TURBO. Let me tell you, this baby moved. Turbo is the perfect word–she scooted right along and I had sooooo much fun driving her. Thanks, Kia 😉

Other features I loved, pictured below:

  • Dashboard with interactive menu: Sirius radio, GPS, bluetooth that synced with my iPhone
  • Stereo and cruise controls on the steering wheel
  • Heated AND cooling seats (in the front AND back of the car!)
  • Parking break button (instead of a foot pedal)–super handy on our steep driveway


The heated seats were amazing. Being in the midwest in the middle of winter, it was the first thing I did every time I turned the car on. I was excited about the back seats having the heated option, too. I didn’t use the cooling feature (because I would have froze to the seat), but I bet it’s awesome in the summer!

The parking break button feature is also new to me, I had never seen that before. It was just so much nicer and easier to use than the typical foot pedal or hand brake.


More great features:

  • Awesome stereo quality, great sound! (I’m a music snob)
  • Sunroofs! There was one in front and also one in back–great for the kids
  • Ports for your electronics, including USB
  • Button engine start
  • Rear-view camera when reversing (every car should have this!)


I love the key for the Kia Optima. You basically just have to have it on you, somewhere. Mine never left my purse/diaper bag. If the key is near, you can press a button on the door to get in and just press the engine start button to start up the car. It’s awesome when you have kids you’re trying to wrangle into their seats, shopping bags, etc… one less thing to worry about! Have you ever locked your keys in your car? I have. While it was running, too 😉

I also wanted to note the position of the seat. When you turn the car off, the driver’s seat automatically moves back, which really helps you get in and out of the car much more easily! GREAT feature, genius idea. When you turn the car back on, the seat moves back to where it was last set, but there are also 2 buttons on the door where you can pre-set seat preferences. This is wonderful because my husband and I each drive both cars… sometimes we just switch and this makes it so much easier.


Our two car seats fit easily in the back (it does have the LATCH system) and my stroller fit in the trunk with tons of space to spare… the trunk was really big! I love the look of the car, the quick pick-up of the engine, and the ease of use. The mileage is great–about 25 mpg combined highway city average and about 30 mpg on the highway.

We let a friend check out the car, too, because he’s in the market for a new one and had been considering Kia. The verdict? He is buying this exact car… this exact model, he liked it so much! Some negatives he pointed out: low profile tires look cool but sacrifice some ride comfort, the seat belt is a bit difficult to reach back and grab, and the steering wheel button lights are difficult to see at night. With all that considered, he’s still buying the car 😉 He also said that the Kia Optima should be driven by anyone looking for a mid-sized 4-door.

You can check out the Optima and all it has to offer and make sure you find them on facebook and twitter! Interested in getting a Kia? Click the banner below to find dealers in your area and get sent competitive rates!

~I was provided this car to test drive and review for about a week. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way.

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