that one time… my phone was in the fridge

Ryan is a tech genius at age 3. He knows more about my iPhone and my iPad than I do. No seriously, sometimes I ask him how to change certain settings or tell him to fix something for me. Ridiculous. A kid-friendly iPhone case is a MUST in this house.

kid-friendly iphone case

The upside is that Apple has become the best babysitter in our house. The downside is that sometimes it’s hard to get him away from those gadgets (especially in the winter–otherwise he’d be outside!). The WORST is when he decides to store away my phone like a chipmunk. This kid rules at iPhone hide and seek. He totally plans it too–he plays on the phone (texting Grandma, playing music, watching videos and playing games) until it’s dead…. he hides it away…. and then he laughs. And by the time I ask about it? He has forgotten where it is.

Do you know how many places there are in a house for a 2-3 year old to hide a cell phone?!?!?! The possibilities are ENDLESS.

Once I found my phone in the refrigerator.

Another time I searched for THREE DAYS before I finally found it. I mean, I tore apart the house… couch cushions, cabinets, under rugs, in beds, behind the toilet, in the underwear drawer, in the dryer, in the cat food tub for goodness sake.

I found it when I wasn’t even looking for it… Rebecca’s room has one of those bookcases with 9 cubes (3×3) and a few of those cloth bins in the cubes. I was looking for a hair bow (or one of my scarves?) and my phone was THERE, in the bottom, underneath whatever other crap was to be found. AHHH!!! Rebecca’s room was probably one I searched lightly the first time around because I figured he didn’t go in there! Little stinker.

kid friendly iphone case

photo taken by Ryan on my iPhone

As Ryan has gotten older, he understands rules a bit better and my phone doesn’t really go missing anymore. He probably saw me panic as my lifeline slipped away and doesn’t want that to happen again LOL.  He does, however, still take my phone to play on it… I’m just waiting for it to be left at a restaurant or dropped from his second story window. He has dropped our iPad on the driveway and cracked the screen (which is now his and has tape on it, haha)….

I have a new kid-friendly iPhone case to help protect the phone when it goes on Ryan’s Adventures. Because, just like my coffee, I’d be totally lost without it! I usually have it on me at all times, even sleep with it next to me at night. It’s pretty in pink 😉 and Steve uses the blue one.

kid-friendly iphone case

This is the PureGear DualTek and it is toddler proof: shock absorbing corners for impact protection and 360-degree protection with a screen shield to protect from scratches. WIN! It’s also made of durable layers so it’s strong, but it’s still slim and sleek looking. I hate bulky cases and this one is the perfect middle ground for looks and protection. Did ya know? It absorbs shock from falls up to 6 feet! It may not work from Ryan’s second story window lol, but at least we’re good from his own 3-feet height, haha.

Our phone is our life, why are we not protecting it? PureGear’s DualTek® Extreme Shock Cases provides the best protection against bumps, smacks, and knocks ((and toddlers!!))

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PureGear DualTek. The opinions and text are all mine.

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