it’s not easy being green…

…it seems you blend in with so many other things! and people tend to pass you over ’cause you’re not standing out like flashy sparkles in the water or stars in the sky…

…BUT green’s the color of Spring! and green can be cool and friendly-like, and green can be BIG like an ocean or important like a mountain or tall like a tree!

((Muppets, anyone?))

And that’s what all of you get when I write posts on Saturday nights after Rebecca has been awake crying forever and I’m exhausted 😉 I thought of green cleaning products… and green living… and OH! Kermit! (In case you didn’t follow my thought process there…)

I’ve always been into nature, but was never as environmentally-friendly as when I had children. Your whole world changes, right? And you suddenly have these little beings–these lives you created–that you’re completely responsible for. I researched and read and studied… now I admit we aren’t the greenest – we still use disposables on occasion and sometimes I forget to turn the lights off – but we are still VERY picky about what goes ON our children’s skin.

I also used to be a human biology college instructor… your skin is your body’s largest organ. Anything that goes on, goes in.

green cleaning products

So we definitely watch their soaps and shampoos, but also our cleaning supplies because we all know kids get into everything and they’ll wipe their messy little hands allllllllll over that counter top you just wiped down!

ecoSTORE USA is a brand we’ve used for awhile (I first discovered it shortly after Ryan was born) and it’s a name we trust. So when they asked me to be a brand ambassador for the month of March I said HECK YEA! Easy peasy.

safe cleaning products

I’ll admit I’m also partial because they started (18 years ago) in New Zealand… I spent 2 weeks backpacking around there in college and loved it. Someday I’ll go back! Anyyywayy, they’re now an international brand and not too long ago started the No Nasty Chemicals movement. It means:

NO toxic petrochemicals
NO lauryl or laureth sulfates
NO propylene glycol
NO dyes
NO artificial perfumes
NO parabens
NO cocamide DEA
NO Cocomidopropyl Betaine

If there is ANY doubt about the safety of an ingredient, ecoSTORE finds a new one and they list every single ingredient used on each product. If you agree and want to help spread the word, join the movement!

As an ambassador, I received a lot of their awesome products: laundry liquid (super concentrate), pure oxygen whitener, glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, and toilet cleaner. My favorites (well, besides the all-purpose cleaner because who doesn’t love that stuff?!) are the laundry items.

First, the laundry liquid smells aaaaaaahhhhh-mazing. I want to take a bath in it and it makes me love doing a load of laundry (that is saying a lot). It has ingredients from coconut and eucalyptus oil… it’s super concentrated so you don’t need much per load, we can use it on our HE washer without a problem, AND it’s safe for cloth diapers. Now, ecoSTORE doesn’t advertise it as cloth-friendly (I don’t think), but I did some research and then started using it on ours and all’s well.

green cleaning products

The pure oxygen whitener is awesome, too, for my husband. I’m one of those people that throws colors and whites in together (GASP!), but my husband always washes his white socks and undershirts separately and he insists he needs bleach. I hate the way that smells up our house and leaves my washer smelling, too. THIS stuff is made from mineral salts and ingredients from citrus and coconuts. Even better? This enzyme-free formula can be used to brighten colors, too, which means I get to use it on my mixed up loads too 😉

green cleaning products

As an ambassador I also got a bunch of sample-sized laundry packs that I got to hand out to family, friends, moms group, etc. Most hadn’t heard of it before, but all were excited to try it when I said it was eco-friendly and smells amazing! They also have a line of baby products (we use the body wash and moisturizer), and products for your pets, hair care, bath, and body. I really want to try their shampoo, body wash, and hand soaps next!

green cleaning products

GIVEAWAY: want to win your own set of ecoSTORE USA products?! One lucky reader is going to win the same 5 items that I got to try out, listed above. Please use the form below to enter–good luck!

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