THROW ALL THE THINGS! (in the toy storage organizer)

Staples helped me out with the toy storage organizer and file boxes by sending them for my review.

Before you have kids it’s funny how you swear your house would never be a mess of children’s toys like those other people. You’re neat and tidy and the toys will be in the kids’ rooms or the playroom in a handy toy storage organizer… certainly not all over your family room floor. THE HORROR!

Well, neat-and-tidy people that are yet to have children… get ready for the mess of your life.

toy storage organizer(this is only a mild mess… but toys in the family room are common decor)

We aren’t messy people and I like to stay organized, but there’s that saying that goes something like “trying to clean up after your kids before bedtime is like trying to shovel during a snowstorm.” Our family room floor (and kitchen and living room and porch and basement) is often a mess of toys. Even our  master bathroom… how else do you think I get to shower in semi-peace?!

We recently added a wonderful piece of furniture to our family room. You know, the kind of fancy furniture adults buy… to make a statement in the main room of their home… to show off to guests when they come over…

toy storage organizer

And I love it. Yes, this toy storage organizer may be more fitting for a bedroom or playroom (and we might move it), but do you know how easy this thing has made my life lately?! Clean up is a breeze and my 3yo Ryan even likes to help… he actually sorts his toys (or keeps them away from Rebecca lol).

I was worried that the bins would just be taken out by my children and then THOSE would also end up all over the house, but–knock on wood–they haven’t removed them even once.

toy storage organizer


Staples knows what they’re doing… they don’t just have office supplies, they have child-distraction products so you can get your work done in your office that’s filled with their supplies 😉 This kids storage organizer has 12 bins in fun colors (that can be moved around in any arrangement), has a natural wood frame, and can be bought at Staples for $89.99.

Speaking of office’s and keeping things organized, I was also sent some file boxes to review. My blog has grown to a nice little business and I have a lot to track for taxes, expenses, scheduling reviews and ads, etc. so I got a Handy File Box ($13.99). I also have a lot to keep track of for my birth work and ICAN and also need to take those materials to meetings so I got the smaller Portable File Box ($12.99). Fill them with some Hanging File Folders ($7.29 for a box of 25) and you’re set!

file boxes

Both boxes hold letter-sized folders, have a hinged lid with the ability to add a lock, if you’d like, and a lid with an organizer top (for pens, notes, paperclips, etc). The files have double-coated hangers for easy sliding and they come with tabs and inserts to organize and label your file folders.

Ahhhhh, THANK YOU, Staples, our house is clean and organized! Toys are put away off the family room floor, the kids are playing, and I’m sitting pretty in my newly organized office. That was…

toy storage organizer

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~Staples provided me with these products to facilitate my review. I was not compensated in any way and all opinions and photos are my own!

10 comments to THROW ALL THE THINGS! (in the toy storage organizer)

  • Stephanie G.

    I use that kind of organizer to store my cloth diapers. I would go insane if that was how we stored toys! We use the cheese ball and pretzel buckets from Sams Club for toy storage. 🙂


    Emily Dickey Reply:

    Ohh GREAT idea to use it for cloth diapers! We have most of our toys in the basement organized in drawers and bins and I love this thing to quickly throw things in to clean up. There’s a lot of doll house toys in there because that sits in our family room, too!


    Stephanie G. Reply:

    Our living room is also our play room, so there’s no “formal-ness” at all, but when we need to clean up quick I use those collapsing, fold up boxes…they have handles on the side & a firm bottom. Then we can just toss all the misc. toys in there & stow it in the boys’ room until we can put the toys away correctly. My kids inherited my neat-freak ness, though, so they don’t like to have their toys mixed up. 🙂


  • I have seen storage units such as these and can think of so many uses for them,they would certainly make clean-ups a breeze!


  • LOL! I’m one of those people who’s house was super neat pre kids and I still try to keep it super neat 3 kids later! I have one of those storage bins! LOVE them!! EXCEPT being super anal I feel the need to organize the bins! Cars in one, mini figurines in another, etc. I need help! lol


  • Love those toy organizer bins, we have 2 set up in the toy room, makes a big difference!


  • I couldn’t live without my toy bins – my house would be a bigger mess than it already is – LOL! 4 kids = lots of toys


  • we have the same colorful toy bin in my son’s room–keeps it all neat and tidy!


  • Ari

    I don’t think I’ve ever stepped into anyone’s home who have children that don’t have toys everywhere. It’s just a universal law or something. I’m glad your little ones seem to like the new toy bins. Easy clean up is always a must, in my opinion. You may never be able to stop the mess, but at least you don’t have to spend too much time cleaning up.
    The folder bins look very user-friendly and I like the portable handles so you don’t have to carry them by via balancing act. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad Staples is selling more family-oriented items.


  • Elena

    I really need to get an organizer for the kids room and for the home office


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