It’s a Chef! It’s a Train Conductor! It’s…. RYAN!

Ryan has just expoloded into the world of imaginative play recently. I love listening in on his conversations with his stuffed animals, hearing his stories about his cars and trains, and seeing his version of our favorite books as he “reads” to me. I discovered Aeromax and their dress up gear for kids and fell in love. I have visions of a play closet or coat rack corner for my kids and their dress up clothes and accessories…. don’t you remember those days when you were a child?! I hosted tea parties and dresses like a princess, obviously, lol.

Aeromax has been around for 16 years and now has over 300 products… what does your kid want to be?! Or what do YOU want to be? They have an adult line, too! Ah, I can fulfill my dreams of being a pirate 😉

dress up clothes

Aeromax has a line of “My 1st Career Gear,” which is where I found Ryan’s two new favorite outfits 😉 It’s hard to choose!!!! And if you can’t, they have assortment sets with 6 shirts. The gear in this section is meant to be one-size for about ages 3-5. Aeromax also has dress up clothes for 6-12 months, 18 months, youth sizes, and adult, plus accessories and toys.

dress up clothes

I showed Ryan the photo above and let him pick out what he wanted. He went with the train conductor (of course! he loves his trains and they cover an entire room in our basement!) and the chef! Great choices–he’s always helping me in the kitchen. As soon as they arrived Ryan had to try them on. We often spend a part of our day switching between the two and having fun conducting and cooking!

dress up clothes

Ryan loves to “cook stuff” and it’s just about a million times better in his chef outfit. These are made to be easy to put on so that your children can do it by themselves. They open all the way down the front and close with velcro. It’s just like putting on a jacket. Ryan is 3 years and 4 months and while his outfits are a little big, they stay on and fit just fine. I’m glad they’re on the larger side so they last for a long time! I agree with Aeromax’s age range of 3-5 years.

((The stove is NOT on, there is nothing but water in the pot, and Ryan knows the stove rules :))

dress up clothes“Mom, it has a POCKET! Look at this pocket!!!!”

Haha, yes, there is a pocket!!! On both outfits there’s a chest pocket with a see-through plastic screen so you can insert a name tag! He’s not just a chef… he’s Chef Ryan!

And… he’s Ryan the Train Conductor!

Don’t mind our messy basement train room… or Rebecca’s video bomb (and me laughing at her), lol. Ryan says train conductors chug trains! (And yes, I did try on the outfit. It went on, but didn’t velcro shut LOL. Should they update the age range from 3 years old up to late twenties?!) You can get the train conductor and chef shirts for $13.95 each at Aeromax. Make sure you also find Aeromax on Facebook!

~I received the two items above from Aeromax to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own!

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