New parents DVD guide to Surviving Infancy

Entering the world of parenthood can be overwhelming… suddenly you’re responsible for this itty bitty life, doing things you’ve never done before, and there are only about a MILLION questions you have every single day. I remember! I spent a ton of time online looking up answers, reading books, and asking other moms. Why didn’t we learn about how to be a mom in school?! lol. Now new parents have a wonderful resource: the Surviving Infancy DVD. I was recently sent one to check out.

Surviving Infancy for new parents

new parents

This 2-disc DVD set covers 36 topics (yea!) with over 3 hours of content. The best part? You can cut right to the topic in question. You don’t have to sit through the full 3 hours at once or try to search through chapters for the information you want. Just want to know about car seat safety? Check! Head straight to that section of the DVD. It also has “key point” slides.

The information in this DVD for new parents is presented by two acclaimed and credible emergency physicians: Drs. Diane Birnbaumer and Maureen McCollough. I enjoy this DVD because the information is presented factually without opinion. Take what you want and leave the rest. It does a fantastic job of covering the imperative topics and the ones that many new parents have questions about.

new parents

Not only does Surviving Infancy cover newborn topics (car seats, SIDS, bathing, etc.), but it also goes into toddlerhood up to age 3 (choking, poisons, safety issues, etc). The DVD also talks about illnesses (including ear infections, rashes, and constipation), emergencies (CPR, burns, injuries, etc.), and parenting challenges (breastfeeding, postpartum depression, sex, and sanity).

Surviving Infancy is wonderful for not only new parents, but for anyone around children–care providers, babysitters, day cares, etc. Add it to a baby shower or new parents gift! It has received numerous awards, including one from Parent Tested Parent Approved.

You can buy the 2-disc DVD for $29.95 or you can purchase streaming video for $24.95. If you head to their website, they’re currently offering 10% off if you share their page on facebook or pinterest! Details can be found at the very top of the website.

new parents

Check out their cute quotes for pinterest, like the one above 🙂 You can also find Surviving Infancy on FacebookPinterest, and Twitter!

~I received a DVD copy of Surviving Infancy to facilitate my review. I was not compensated and all opinions are my own!


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