Kolcraft’s MLB step stool (giveaway)

Remember our new Chicago Cubs MLB stroller? Kolcraft has a whole new line of Official MLB products including step stools and  potty seats, too! I knowwww the Cubs aren’t so hot right now… how far under 500? I can’t even look, eek. But we’re tried and true fans in this house and proud of our new MLB step stool–GO, CUBS, GO! I’m pretty sure the Chicago Cubs were even mentioned in our wedding vows. True story.

MLB step stool

Our new MLB step stool? Love it! It’s too funny how excited Ryan gets over something like a step stool–apparently it’s the best present ever for a 3yo, if you’re wondering, lol.

Anyway, the stool is fantastic. And not just because it’s for the Chicago Cubs 😉 It has two steps, non-slip feet, and textured tops to help prevent slipping. The very top of the stool is also designed to be extra cute–it looks like home plate.

MLB step stool

Cubs MLB step stool

Hmm, I suppose I could take off that lower sticker on the front, eh? lol. Rebecca tries to climb up the stool and Ryan takes it with him everywhere. I used to complain that it seemed like we needed a step stool in every room of the house to make our lives easier, but now Ryan literally just carries this one anywhere he needs it… and he likes it so much he doesn’t mind at all running to go get it. We’ve had it for a couple of weeks now, but just TODAY my mom stopped over and Ryan immediately yelled, “Look at my new CUBS STOOL!” even though he’s shown it to her before, haha.

He uses it in the kitchen to help me cook, in the bathrooms to reach the sink, in bedrooms to reach the light switches, and all those other places he probably shouldn’t be using it like in the pantry to reach the cookies, haha. Stinker.

MLB step stool

It’s super light so he can easily pick it up and carry it everywhere. It is sturdy and with the non-slip feet on the bottom, I don’t worry about the stool sliding out from under him (like some other stools we’ve had). The MLB step stool is a must for all baseball fans!

You can get an MLB step stool for $19.99 and they come in the following teams: Chicago Cubs, NY Yankees, Texas Rangers, Philadelphia Phillies, Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, St. Louis Cardinals, and San Francisco Giants.

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader is going to win their own MLB step stool from Kolcraft! Winner chooses team. Please use the form below to enter–good luck! 🙂

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