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I fully admit we’re a bunch of science nerds in this house. I even have a shirt that says, “I <3 my engineering geek.” Our children are doomed 😉 I love teaching Ryan about everything science related and seeing how excited he gets–I mean, every single thing around us is science and a 3-year-old is just FULL of questions about how things work and why things do what they do… and I tell Ryan about all of it! I was super excited to receive a kit from The Young Scientists Club for Ryan.

young scientists club

The Young Scientists Club is full of award-winning science kits for kids. You can buy just a kit, but they also have a monthly subscription plan, which is awesome. You know how sometimes it’s hard to get a kid excited about something new? It can be hard to get their attention. The Young Scientists Club uses fun themes and popular characters to get your children involved. I mean, who doesn’t love The Magic School Bus and Clifford the Big Red Dog?! There’s also adventure and nature themed kits to choose from.

The Young Scientists Club

young scientists club

Five new kits from The Young Scientists Club are shown above. There are 3 with Clifford: Bubble Science, Kitchen Science, and Rainbow Science; and two from The Magic School Bus series: Weather Lab and The Wonders of Nature. Kits range from $19.99 to $39.99 and will open up the world of science to your children–from an exploding volcano and tornado in a bottle to using pipettes and creating a rain cloud!

young scientists club

We received Clifford’s Rainbow Science kit because lately Ryan has been obsessed with mixing colors–since dying Easter eggs in March! It was hard to choose because all of the kits look awesome, but I knew Ryan would especially love this one. It came with a book that was full of experiments–it could easily last an entire week of science time. In the photo above he had used a measuring cup of vegetable oil, a funnel to pour it in the test tube, and a pipette (that he learned how to use in the earlier experiments!) to add food coloring. He shook it up and watched the bubbles form as the coloring wouldn’t mix with the oil. Science is fun! 🙂

young scientists club

The kit really walked you through the experiments with step-by-step instructions and photos, along with text from Clifford and Emily, of course! The experiments started out simple (like learning to use a pipette with water and dropping food coloring into a bowl of milk) and got more complex as Ryan learned new skills (like mixing oil and water in a test tube with food coloring to see the color mix with the water but not with the oil).

The end was “LIKE MAGIC!!!” says Ryan. Baking soda + food coloring + vinegar… a colorful bubble EXPLOSION! Ryan was THRILLED and kept calling it magic. I said, “no, it’s SCIENCE!”

young scientists club

You can find these kits and so many more at The Young Scientists Club. There’s a reason they’re award-winning! “The mission of The Young Scientists Club is simple – to offer children quality, science-related products that will fascinate them with the wonders of scientific discovery and spark their interest in future scientific endeavors.   All our products are designed by a team of Harvard graduates, scientists, educators, and parents with one purpose in mind – to combine fun and fascination with quality and learning in each and every product.”


The entire line of Clifford science kits just won the Tillywig Toy & Media Brain Child Award, given only to “exciting products that energize the mind while seamlessly blending fun and learning!”

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader will win their choice of science kit from the 5 listed above (Bubble, Kitchen, Rainbow, Weather, or Nature). Please use the form below to enter–good luck!

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