Super Duper apps for kids (giveaway)

Ryan has always loved playing on the iPad and I’ve always been on the search for the best apps–the ones that are educational, but also fun for a toddler. Now Ryan is also really getting into imaginative play that includes story telling. He asks questions about everything… he wants to know how everything works and what it does. I recently got to try out some iPad apps for kids from Super Duper. I love the name because they certainly are super duper apps!

ipad apps for kids

Above are screenshots from “How? Fun Deck.” This is one of my favorite because I get to listen to Ryan tell stories. I chose the above images because I liked Ryan’s answers.

How do you help someone who’s hurt? “Awww… you give them a kiss right on that knee! And then put on a band-aid!”

How do you help a crying baby? “Milkies!”

How do you make someone laugh? “Ahhhhh- HAHAHAHAHA!” <–And that worked! I couldn’t stop laughing with him, haha.

Anyway, this app is only $2.99 (for iPhone, iPad, or iPod) and has 52 cards. You can browse through all cards or you can just select certain ones. You can also create players and track correct and incorrect answers and see the results on a graph. Ryan and I just like to browse and answer for fun so far, we don’t track “wrong” answers.

ipad apps for kids

My other favorite is “All About You, All About  Me.” Same idea as the previous app, but with questions about your child… tell me about a time when you were sad, tell me about something you can do really well, what’s your address?, what’s your favorite food?, etc. There are 52 cards and you can select the ones you want to see (for example–I skip all questions about school because Ryan hasn’t been yet).

And what does Ryan want to be when he grows up? “A mommy!”

ipad apps for kids

Okay, this app is Ryan’s FAVORITE. It’s called WH Questions Cards Pro. You can get a free version that includes the “WHO” questions and then you can make in-app purchases ($2.99 each) for the other cards: What, Where, When, and Why. The pro version has them all for $11.99. You can name players and select the game version: multiple choice, decoder, matching, or drag and match. I love this because it’s for ages K-6th grade… you can make the game simple or complex by choosing the game style and by choosing to pick the answer to a question or to pick the question when given the answer (like Jeopardy)!

So far with Ryan (3yo), we just answer questions in the multiple choice style. If you tap the screen, it will read the question out loud and will then read the 3 options as it highlights them. Once Ryan got the hang of it, he can play this alone and choose correct answers without our help. I hear him playing it ALL THE TIME. And he often says, “Mommy, mommy! Let’s play the question game!” And the things he knows? Fascinating! Proud mama 🙂

ipad apps for kids

Another great Super Duper iPad app for kids is Story Maker! Ryan is a little bit young for this (I helped make the picture above), but he does use the app for drawing. The possibilities in Story Maker are endless… you can “create” or “tell” with 800 places, people, and items, ability to add your own photos, add text, draw, write, record your voice, turn pages, print, email…. so cool! Your little ones can basically write, narrate, and print their own book!

Story Maker is $4.99. There is a free version, but you can’t save stories with it (or print or email).

Two other apps we’ve been working on are What Would You Do At School If… ($2.99) and Name That Category ($2.99).

ipad apps for kids

Ryan starts pre-K in the fall and I want to prepare him… mama’s nervous! lol. I thought the School app could help us talk about school and help Ryan know what to expect. It asks questions like: What would you do at school if… your pencil broke and you didn’t have another? you forgot your homework? your classmate teased you? It really is a great way to open communication!

The Category app is another wonderful educational one, but Ryan doesn’t seem to be quite there yet. They take explanation (as he’s learning) and he gets bored with that quickly right now, haha. He wants to go back to the “Questions game!” But we play a little at a time and he’s getting the hang of it. It’s fun to see his own answers, too, like “A car, bike, and train are…” things outside! 🙂

You can check out all the Super Duper iPad apps for kids and pick your favorites!

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader will get to choose up to $10 worth of Super Duper apps for kids! Redemption codes will be sent via email to the winner. This will get you between 5-8 apps as many are on sale right now! Please use the form below to enter–good luck! 🙂

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